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IT Band?


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How can you stretch your IT band?

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Do a Google search on IT band stretches. There are even some good videos to help visualize. Obviously, I'd prefer a teacher showed you exactly how, but in case you do not have access to someone, a google search will suffice.

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Ok. I have heard that rolling a tennis ball under/on it helps loosen it?

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Not without proper guidance. A foam roller, yes, I would feel fairly comfortable with that, but tennis b a l l s are so site specific and you could hurt yourself without knowing exactly what you are doing. Have you seen a PT yet?

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Oh ok. I have not seen a PT. I remember reading somewhere to roll on the spot that felt like a bone at first. I have before rolled what I knew what was my IT Band and then just moved up, but then it started to hurt too much, like I was pushing all the tightness up.


Where would be a good and cheap place to get a foam roller?

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WalMart or Dick's Sporting Goods should have them!

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Ok! I have looked at Target but not at those places. Thanks

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