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Stretching AND strengthening feet?


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I've been browsing the forums for a while, and I haven't found an answer to this question. My feet are not very good and I often use a Thera-band to strengthen them. I was wondering, though, does stretching your feet beforehand and then doing the strengthening right after make more difference than just strengthening them without any stretching?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, gdancer. :)


Therabands both stretch and strengthen the feet. I'm not quite sure how you even separate the factors. What are you doing with the theraband for strenthening and what for stretching?

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I generally just do the basic roll through of the whole foot and ankle, then I do just the ankle, and then just the toes. Also, how does the Theraband stretch the foot? That aspect kind of confuses me. :ermm:

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Well, maybe a better question would be: Am I doing the right Theraband exercises to stretch my feet?

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If you are placing the metatarsal area and toes in the middle of the theraband with your foot flexed, holding both ends of the theraband in your hands and pulling it towards you as you push the foot and toes into the theraband, you are stretching your foot and ankle.

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Bunhead222, your post was removed. Please read the whole thread before responding so that you don't repeat previous information. Also, you used no punctuation or upper case letters, which makes your posts very hard to read. I edited your posts in Welcome and several other forums last night. Please read your email, as I wrote to you last night, well before you made the most recent posts.


Editing to add that I just read all of your posts from last night. I had to edit all of them for punctuation and upper case letters. Please read our policies before posting again.

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