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What A Story - Michaela DePrince @ ABT/JKO School


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I loved Michaela's story. What I love even more about her is she has a more womanly body, it's refreshing to see that!

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The article said that she will begin dancing with Dance Theater of Harlem in August. Congratulations to Michaela!

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Apparently she was offered ABT's studio company but decided to take the Dance Theatre contract instead.

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Was she in ABT's studio company this past year, or a student at JKO in a level lower than their studio company? I saw her on TV on one of her many recent appearances, but can't remember what she said; I thought that the announcer said that she attends JKO School.

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I thought that she attended JKO School. She is not listed on the ABT studio company roster of current dancers. http://www.abt.org/education/stu_co_dancers.asp I was not aware that Michaela was offered the ABT Studio Company. I was under the impression that she was only offered the DTH contract and was waiting to hear from other companies. She was not accepted to National Ballet of Canada. I saw an interview where she mentioned that. I think it was the intro piece shown on Dancing with the Stars. I will continue to watch her progress-she is an inspiration to my DD.

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I think you are right, Julisha. I don't think that she has been in studio company. DD was at ABT with her the summer following the filming of "First Position", and Micheala sat out of class much of the time because of her injury. It is my understanding that she had already been offered a full ride scholarship for JKO the following fall. Perhaps her injury held her back. There are several other dancers from DD's level that summer who are on the studio company roster this year.

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While it may be important to find the details of where Michaela is going, let's not cross over too far into what is still personal information by trying to decipher who didn't accept her or why she may not have progressed at ABT. At some point, she's still a minor right? Or if not a minor a student until Fall? A more general conversation might be important here. :)

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How old is Michaela now? When was first position filmed?

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