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hi Dawcett- our DS sounds like he is off in la-la land with your DS!! :dizzy: At our house, going to dance class only happens if the homework is done and marks are good (if he needs to do revision he doesnt go to class). He knows this and works to not have the rule invoked. Funny how that works! We have actually kept him at home once or twice to get his work done.


My answer to your question 'How do we as parents help them to make the right decision at such a young age?' is this: (quoting a certain daytime TV psychologist here) 'Make sure the tail isnt wagging the dog'. To me, managing this is much like any other issue we have all had to manage with our children- rules, priorities and limits. I think Clara76 said it best- school, family and then dance. Actually now that I think about it, I would put family first on that list..... :shhh:

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Thanks Thyme. Yup I think he's just being a teenaged boy. It's amazing how fast he gets his work done when I say, "You have 1 hour to get it done or there's no dance tonight." Born 12 weeks premature, he struggles with schoolwork. As he gets older he struggles less thank God. Clara, I'm not sure where you got the impression that he wanted to teach if he couldn't dance. At this point in his life he just wants to dance. Like a typical kid though, he doesn't see that his dream might not come true. We talk about it, he knows injury could change it, but I'm not sure if I should burst his bubble or keep supporting him. Right now, he knows he can't go to a residential program until he is motivated to do school work.

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dont burst his bubble. There are plenty of people and experiences ahead of him to do that for you. Our boys just cant see the future and what lies ahead. I reckon take it as it comes, plan what you can and try not to over think things (funny I should say that given my tendency to become an 'overplanner'). Lucky him to have a mom who is working with his needs in mind. That is all we can do eh?

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Oh, I didn't get the impression that he wanted to teach- but it's a typical comeback for any kid who doesn't want to do their schoolwork!! :grinning:

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Oh, I am just chuckling reading this! My DS is in the club along with the others it seems. La-la land must be crowded!

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