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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?


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Hi everyone! I just signed up for an adult ballet class this summer( I am 20). I bought a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. I am thin and tall, so I had a hard time finding a leotard long enough. I did finally find a simple tank leotard that fit well. I am thin but not very fit/toned, so I feel self conscious in the leotard. The ballet class I am attending does not enforce a strict dress code, but they encourage leos/pink tights.


My question is: For adults that take classes, do you wear a leotard and tights? Do most of the others in your class wear this as well? I would like to make it as easy as possible for my instructor to see how my body moves/etc but I don't want to be the only one in a leo while everyone else wears yoga pants or something. Would a ballet skirt be a good option to use in class, or will this still cover up too much?


Thanks :)

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I wear a leotard and tights to class, though I usually only do black and pink when I take youth program classes; in the adult program classes, most of us wear colored leotards and either black or pink tights (I usually wear black, but that's mostly because I need to save my pink ones for the youth program classes!). For open classes, I often also start out in yoga pants and a lightweight long-sleeve shirt at barre, because the studio is sometimes pretty cold when class starts, but by the time we get to center I've usually taken that all off.


In adult classes, especially if the studio doesn't have a strict dress code, you'll probably see all sorts of clothing, ranging from leotard and tights to sweatpants and a t-shirt. Exactly what the majority of people do will really depends on the studio. That being said, you can NEVER go wrong with a black leo and pink tights, and it will really, really make it easier for the teacher to see what you're doing and give you useful corrections. So if you're comfortable with it, go for it!


If you're feeling self-conscious wearing just a leotard and tights, a ballet skirt is probably fine - just go for a shorter skirt rather than a longer one. Several of the women in my adult classes do that, and the teachers are still clearly able to see what they're doing. Another option might be a pair of black short-shorts (really spandex-y ones). They'll give you a feeling of more coverage, while still being form-fitting enough for the teacher to really see how your alignment is working.

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I have always worn a leotard and tights. I do layer in colder weather, but usually end up in just the standard leo, tights, skirt with maybe a tight top (to hide the back of my bra if the leo doesn't) by the end of class. You can't go wrong in that outfit, even if you end up the only one in it, because it is the CORRECT attire for class.

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You might be the only one in leo and pink tights but the teacher will love you (at least if I'd be your teacher). I wear pink tights and a leo to class (just because I always did and it looks neat and the teacher can see your body well to correct you). I usually have a pair of pants in my bag. You know, just in case... It is okay to bring a skirt. At the beginning you need a lot of courage to present yourself just in tights and leo if you are not used to it. Later it will become all normal, I am sure!

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Hi, the adult class I go to has a very flexible dress code, (basically what you find comfortable). The majority of the girls wear a black leotard and pink tights, one or two wear black footless tights or calf length leggings. The men on the other hand are a different matter. I am the only one who comes to class in black tights, sometimes i wear footless ones, and a dancebelt. The rest just wear sweat pants or shorts. Though my teacher makes them roll the legs up so she can see their legs an knees better. Have got to say at first it felt odd being the only man wearing them (guess you would feel the same if you were one of the few people inn class in correct attire).

But now I wouldn't wear anything else to class.

1 I think it looks more professional and dedicated. (I know most adults my self included do it as recreation, but I think seeing people in shorts, sweat pants etc, gives me the impression that they can't really be bothered, though I know that's probably not the case)


2. As the other posters have said, correct attire will make it easier for your teacher to correct your mistakes


3. I've found wearing the tights I am much more aware of my body position. When checking position in the mirror etc


4. Personally I find wearing correct attire, I am able to move easier, shorts and or sweat pants I feel hinder my movements, just because of the way they are made, with linings and the material.


5. This is just me, but one of the other guys in my class stands neare me during barre work sometimes and all I can hear when he is doing the work is the crinkle and rustle of his track suit bottoms. Which for some reason I can't stand :) then I've always been odd


The thing to remember is, if you want to wear tights and leotard to class do it, don't let what others may think put you off. Just bite the bullet and goth class in them, it may feel odd at first but after the class starts, you will forget your wearing them, and will be concentrating on the teachers instructions.






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You might be the only one in leo and pink tights but the teacher will love you (at least if I'd be your teacher).


So true!! I would love you if you were my student too :)


It really does make a difference to the teacher being in leotard and tights, those flimsy bits of chiffon can hide so much! If you can feel comfortable enough, go with the Leo and tights, and shorts are a good option if you want a bit of extra coverage.


I've noticed myself as a student, and for my students, when they are dressed correctly with neat hair, it seems they work a little bit harder ;) sloppy pants and sloppy tops sometimes breed a sloppy mindset...

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Oh yes, hair is another pet peeve! Add them to your "being correctly dressed"!

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I've noticed myself as a student, and for my students, when they are dressed correctly with neat hair, it seems they work a little bit harder ;) sloppy pants and sloppy tops sometimes breed a sloppy mindset...


Exactly what I was trying to say in point 1 in my rambling post, you put it so more eloquently!!! Thank you :-)



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Hi missyr,

It sounds like you and I have similar builds...I am tall/thin and have a longish torso so finding leotards that are long enough IS a bit of a pain! I have found that the girth measurement (tape on the shoulder, down through through the crotch and back up to the same shoulder) is KEY...if that one dimension works, the stretchiness of the fabric will adjust elsewhere. I have had good luck with Capezio leos in XL and Balera leos in L or XL. Capezio also makes a "tall" size and I believe Body Wrappers does as well; these tend to be longer in the torso but not wider. You just have to ignore the letters/numbers and go with what fits. Ballet stuff is made for children/teens and shorter adults, so we taller ladies are the upper end of the distribution. :)


I usually wear a leo and tights with a skirt or short shorts over it. I'm not comfortable going without something over my bum, but the short skirt/shorts over the sleek leo and tights is the balance that works for me.

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In my school I do not impose a strict dress code on adult students. About a third of adult students wear the pink tights and leotards I sell, the others tend to wear black or blue leggins and a leo or fitted top.

I do not feel selfconscious at all, so I always wear pink tights and a leotard (I change colour every day) in all classes. I wear biker shorts or leggins and a tight tee when I practice in the studio on my own.

I do not like wearing skirts and I do not like seeing others covering up in layers and layers of clothes (especially in the tropics). Plus there's something about the Michelin man look that I just don't find attractive in ballet class.

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I wear a leotard and tights, usually with a skirt over them, but I've seen lots of different ways of dressing in my adult classes. Most women wear a leo -- some with tights, some with leggings, some with tights and shorts (many of the more advanced dancers begin class wearing those ripstop shorts that look like trash bags), et cetera. I've also seen plently of people wear yoga-type clothing, which seems fine as long as it's form-fitting.

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I'm short but with a long torso. I find the Mirellas in the medium-long works well for me. They also carry a large-long. These are only available in about four or five of their styles and I know Backbay Dancewear (backbaydancewear.com) carries them, just look for the "M-long" and "L-long" under sizes. I love wearing colored leotards and my red Mirella is my favorite! I get distracted by skirts :P

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I still wear the male's traditional black tights white tee shirt. The tummy isn't as strong as I'd like and the white tee reminds me to keep working on it.

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I wear a leo and pink tights, but always wear black footless thick tights over the pink ones. I forgot my black tights one day and boy did I feel self conscious, especially as no-one else wears proper attire - usually t-shirt and sweat pants and socks! Yuk yuk! I can't stand it! I teach in a skirt, but I wouldn't wear one in class.

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I still wear the male's traditional black tights white tee shirt. The tummy isn't as strong as I'd like and the white tee reminds me to keep working on it.


Exactly why I like to wear a leo and pink tights. I do not want to hide my imperfections, else I'll start feeling they are acceptable.

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