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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?

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Have a great time in class, Giselle Juliet.  If you find you love it and keep going, there is such thing as getting a custom Leotard.  I have done it on Etsy and used to be able to on Eleve too, but they discontinued my size.  I need an extra long XL which complicates life sometimes.... 72 inch girth measurement.   Other companies will cut to order too.

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Ooooh, thank you so much Laschwen! I never even thought  of that! :)

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Bruce Thornton

Does anyone take adult ballet class in bare feet? Is it ever ok? 

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Bare feet is unusual, I have often seen socks at barre but everyone has ballet shoes by center.  In my experience bare feet is not great on marley, you don't get the right brush of the floor.  It's a matter of how the particular teacher and studio feel.  In some studios this will be an absolute no, and others wouldn't mind at all, but it's something to discuss with the teacher ahead of time. 

I actually had to do it once when my water bottle leaked all over my shoes (and I didn't want to just turn around and go home).  The teacher was fine with it but was concerned I wouldn't get the same benefits as from a smooth brush of the floor.  

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Chasse Away

Yeah you would definitely struggle with bare feet, it is the wrong co-efficient of friction between your foot and the floor to do any sort of tendu or ronde de jambe a terre. I think socks would be better than bare feet, but some studios do not allow socks because it makes the floor too slippery. 

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