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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?


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Thanks everyone for your input! I think I will get a pair of tight shorts to wear at least for the first class, until I feel more comfortable. I'm glad to hear that others wear leotards/tights as well

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Another vote for the black leo and pink tights! My teachers aren't as strict with adults about the dress code, so in my two adult-only technique classes I usually wear a colored leo. But all of my rehearsals, pointe classes, and one technique class are with the advanced teens, who do have a strict black/pink dress code, so I dress accordingly (as do the other adults who are intermediate/advanced). In the adult beginner classes, which do not perform or study pointe, the dancers mostly wear shorts, yoga pants, T-shirts, etc., but some do wear traditional ballet attire.


I totally agree with Miss Persistent that when I'm dressed properly with neat hair, I tend to take myself more seriously and work harder! Funny how that works!

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my classes don't have a dress code, and you can basically wear whatever you feel comfortable in, although the teacher does like to be able to see your knees. People wear anything from tracksuite bottoms t leotard and tights, with most settling for leggings and a top.

I worked my way through a few combinations until I settled on black short-shorts, pink tights and a black t-shirt. The main reason I don't wear a leo is that I don't feel comfortable enough with my body above the hip joint to wear something so tight! My other issue is that I am somewhat generously proportioned on top, and ballet leotards tend to be designed for those ladies who do not need to wear a bra, or who can just have the 'shelf' inside the leotard. I am, alas, not one of such women - and few leotards look right with an industrial strength sports bra underneath!

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I wear a leotard or even better, a shortie unitard !!!! :)




This covers the butt cheek meeting the upper thigh area...PHEW!!!


I also sometimes wear a light little short skirt or bootie shorts :)


I have biggish boobs but a small back so I can wear tights cut up to make a little bra top or have found nice thin tank bras online.

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Ok so I was thinking I would either get this:




Or some shorts like this:



What do you guys think? Would either be fine?

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I'm short but with a long torso. I find the Mirellas in the medium-long works well for me. They also carry a large-long. These are only available in about four or five of their styles and I know Backbay Dancewear (backbaydancewear.com) carries them, just look for the "M-long" and "L-long" under sizes. I love wearing colored leotards and my red Mirella is my favorite! I get distracted by skirts :P


The leo I bought was a Mirella medium-long, at least I am pretty sure. It is a black Mirella leotard and the tag said ML so I am guessing that is what it meant. I tried on a bunch of larges but they were too big at the top. I was going to just order one over the internet- I am glad I didn't the first time, because it probably wouldn't have fit!

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Those are both great! I vote for the skirt but if you have the $$$'s get both ;)

You'll get ADDICTED to dancerwear eventually like I am!!!!!

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I wear leotard and tights to class (it's required dress code when taking class with the teens/pre teens). I've gotten so used to it that I wear it in my adult classes as well.

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Oh, I love the hipsters. Yes, you will get addicted to dancewear. Ever since I am old enough to buy myself leotards I go for low and nicely cut backs! If you have a dance store where you live I'd definitly go and try them. Different styles of leo can look more or less flattering on you.

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Oh, I love the hipsters. Yes, you will get addicted to dancewear. Ever since I am old enough to buy myself leotards I go for low and nicely cut backs! If you have a dance store where you live I'd definitly go and try them. Different styles of leo can look more or less flattering on you.


Yes that is a great point, like I said in my earlier post I am SO glad I didn't try to order one online the first time! What I thought would fit and be flattering on my body was not at all. Oh, and I am sure I will be addicted to dance stuff. I am already wanting to buy another leo, but since my class only starts out as 1 day a week, there really isn't a need for it.

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So that's a good reason for more classes! :-)

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Doormouse, I can't dance without a bra either, so I tend to wear short sleeved leotards, but even there I have to search to find one that's not scooped out at the back - I hate to see the bra showing across the back. Why do they assume that all women who dance are flat chested??????

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Did you ever try leos that have some kind of bra inside? I mean, I have not got a big cupsize but I feel better with something underneath. Therefore I like for example Capezio leos that have some sort of bra. Gives a little support and you can still have a low cut back. It's an extra bit of fabric with an elastic that wil go underneath. Nice thing is, that I can wear white leo without risking that it will become transparent while sweating.

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I am a big fan of the Capezio Bratek leotards- there is also a new style that just came out- Bratek2- only a few places carry it right now. But, both have a built in bra. You can actually adjust the back with hidden hooks like a traditional bra. I don't have to worry about bra straps sticking out- and I am fully supported during class. I also wear the traditional pink tights, black leotard and a cute skirt most classes. I feel more serious and believe that I am treated as a more serious dancer when I dress the part.

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I always wear a leotard and tights, though not always black/pink. More often it's color/black. I usually wear black shorts or a very short black skirt over it. And always a proper bun with a net.


I must admit clothing really influences how you think about people. Last Tuesday a new girl came to our class and she put on a ton of 'company/pro dancer' junk and black shoes. I didn't look much at her clothes and first but I saw the black shoes and thought: 'Oh, probably an adult beginner who doesn't know black shoes are for men.' Of course she turned out to be a very good Russian dancer, but the shoes put me off.

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