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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?


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I try to wear proper attire, as I too prefer to feel like a "real dancer" even though I'm far away from that yet!. My standard outfit would be pink tights and shoes, black camisole and black shorts.


Sometimes, when I'm brave, I switch the shorts for a black leotard. I'm having a bit of a cellulite problem on my thighs, so I prefer the longer, bike type, shorts... I always wear pink tights and have realised that they are a bit see through (I wear Bloch). Anyone got any recommendations on good quality pink tights (stirrup preferably) that might not be as revealing?



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Capezio mesh tights (#9) are pretty opaque... as are the Prima Soft mesh tights. However, I find that the color for the Capezio mesh tights are kind of weird... almost orangey? I don't know how to describe it. My problem with it is also that the waistband has a seam on the elastic that digs into my back. A but uncomfortable if spending long hours in those tights or if you're on you're back doing sit-ups. The Prima Soft ones are better, but the convertible bottom of the foot has a lot of excess material on the bottom. Also kind of strange feeling, but I think it's easier to adjust to that feeling than a seam digging into your spine.

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My husband bought me a bunch of Harmonie tights on Ebay, I absolutely LOVED them until I discovered body tights, my muffin top went away with body tights!!!!! :lol: Body wrappers makes a stirrup body tight, but they seem to run really easily in the crotch. Leo's tights are also pretty opaque.

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I don't really understand how one can get muffin tops by wearing ballet tights. It just doesn't seem possible to me. All tights I wear are always that they reach my waist.


Maybe it's because I'm quite vertically challenged?

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Just wanted to say to Doormouse that there are all in one body suits like the ones she wears for trampoline that she could buy for ballet class too - they just come in solid colours rather than shiny patterns. Perhaps that's the solution for you? And yes Willimus, official boy's uniform is usually white socks and white shoes, although the socks are usually longer than in that photo of Agon.

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As a guy, I mainly wear tights and a t-shirt. But I'll occasionally wear shorts or even sweat pants (mainly during warmup). Our school isn't really strict with adults. And you get both ends of the spectrum in our open classes at nights that are mainly adults.


The morning open classes (which I mainly take because of my job), it's a little different story. Company kids who homeschool are in there, so the teachers will encourage even the adults to be somewhat closer to code. I remember our artistic director asking me one time "what's wrong, dog ate your tights?" when I showed up for class in shorts. This was happening about the time he was trying to get the two company guys who were in there to wear tights more.


And they will encourage you to wear clothes closer to attire if they know you're a little more serious. One of my other teachers told me she "wasn't pleased" with my attire when I showed up wearing sweat pants. There were no such comments directed at a few of the adult beginners in class.


And if adults are in a performance, we're given a little more flexibility. But I found out during Nutcracker this year, there were exceptions. Adults usually wear sweat pants, shorts, whatever's comfortable, especially when rehearsing the party scene. But I was one of only two adults (above the age of 22 and non-company) in Act 2. A bunch of the company girls bought matching sweat pants for warmups. Our artistic director at the start of the rehearsal complimented them on how nice they looked, and then proceeded to tell us all, there would be no warmups or sweat pants during the rehearsal, no exceptions. All of us went and changed right after that!

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I wear a white t-shirt with black (and once in a while tan or blue) tights with black slippers to class. About the tan tights, they are actually men's footed leggings, not regular almost see through ladies tights and you can claery see I'm wearing OPAQUE tights!! LOL!!!


For an adult class, I do think that students should be able to be "creative" with their ballet wear, as long as it falls within a "common sense" ballet dress code. I agree with having dress code, but think that students should be able to dress more colorfully if they choose to. After all, most of us are there for RECREATIONAL ballet and not part of a professional class. That being said, I don't mind seeing black tights with pink ballet/pointe shoes (just not on me!!! LOL!!). In class, I don't think that the way someone dresses for class (as long as its within a moderate dress code) dictates how serious he or she is when it comes to THEIR ballet class!!

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When it comes to sports, hobbies & leisure, Japan is very interesting, culturally. If someone decides they are going to pursue something, they give it 110%!!! They will go out and buy the BEST clothing, equipment, and accessories money can buy. They go full bore. (That's why it's so easy to find so much good quality, almost-new gear for sale here -- from people who tried something and didn't like it)..


But anyway, how does this relate to ballet? Quite simply, in the classes I've attended so far, I haven't seen a single adult student NOT wearing tights/leotard... Now, while leotard color does vary widely, pink (white) tights and pink ballet shoes do not. That said, every student also wears some kind of skirt, wrap, shorts, or cover over top of this (but nothing extending below the knees). (Japanese women tend to be quite modest in many regards)...


As a result, I've decided to "fit in" with the local culture... I.e. black canvas split-sole shoes, black tights, white T-shirt or men's white leotard, and shorts.


The instructors, on the other hand, are far more liberal in their attire... Printed T-shirts, jazz shoes, yoga pants...

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Usually tights and a fitted tee. No one will really look at you. Just think of doing as well as you can. You are fine!

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Well, I did it! I went to class wearing a leotard, tights, and the shorts. After seeing myself in the mirror, I think I will just wear the skirt or nothing over the leotard next time. The shorts looked kind of bulky- I don't think they were tight enough. There was another girl in the class with a leo and a wrap skirt, and a man wearing the standard t-shirt/tights, so I didn't feel out of place. Thanks everyone for your advice.

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I always wear men's black tights to class for several reasons. First is I have many scars on both knees from operations that are far from attractive. Second is, what the heck, I'm in a ballet class so it shouldn't be that big a deal. A lot of the ladies I take class with do not wear tights or a leotard. They tend to wear leggings and crop tops or oversized tee shirts. One woman started out wearing the same type of clothing, but as she progressed, she began to feel better about her body and started to shed the baggy clothes and now has "graduated" (her term) to wearing a black camisole leotard and pink tights, but she is the single exception to the 'hide your body" mentality that tends to dominate adult ballet classes.

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I have no problem wearing the pink tights and a black leotard to my adult ballet classes. Not that I'm blessed with a dancer's body, and that I've got a those few extra pounds that most of us have. I danced from age 6 to 16. I went on Pointe at age 12 and loved ballet. but as is most often the case, my priorities in life changed when I graduated high school. So I literally hung up my tights, leotards, flats and Pointes hoping that one day I would once again get the urge to dance. Without going into a lot of detail, I have refound my passion for ballet some 15 years later and was happy to once again suit up for ballet classes. I just feel much more like a dancer when I'm in my tights and leotard, but I can understand why others may not want to squeeze an oversized body into tights and a leotard and feeling too exposed. One of my oldest friends who I danced with in high school has joined our classes and she cannot gether the nerve to don those dreaded pink tights, but she hopes to one day, when she feels better about her body and her dancing. To each his/her own is my motto.

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Sorry...I'm in the "one color, one long line" camp. So often you see students in black tights with white socks an white shoes...and I think "why break the line like that?"

When I'm having trouble remembering to point my feet, I wear white shoes and socks. Guaranteed to catch the instructor's eye, resulting in a correction if needed.

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Just dropping in to say Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, BallerinaTina! Glad you found us here, and I hope you'll find the site, especially the Adult Ballet Students' sections useful and good companionship in your "beginneragain" state.

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I wear a Leo and a skirt or shorts every day (31, and not super thin...) the prettier the outfit the better my dancing is lol!!

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