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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?


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I crave corrections to get better, so I wear a leo with pink tights or black capri tights. I'm a rebellious dancer though, I like to wear tights, pink or black, over my leo. With just tights and leo, I feel less restricted when I am dancing and I feel more "professional" in class!

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I think you have to be very careful about wearing pink tights over a leotard. Not a good look.

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I can't say why they do it... But I take a lot of professional classes, and I see company members do this all the time. Still looks odd to me, but they do it.

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Putting it bluntly: pink tights over look a bit like they've got a bare bottom (even though of course we know they havent).

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

I have just progressed to a leotard with dance pants.

It does feel good particularly as I gain confidence and improve my technique.

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leopard dancer

Since I am a guy, I prefer to wear the traditional male attire of tights, ballet shoes, and a tee shirt. The ladies in my adult classes almost always wear a leotard, tights, skirt, or shorts. The studio does not have a strict dress code for adults so really anything goes. But, the traditional ballet attire usually wins out for most of the ladies in my class.

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Oddly, I feel less body conscious when I wear a leotard (maybe because there's less potential for a wardrobe malfunction). I feel a bit more invisible or something, or "body neutral" than when I wear a top and shorts, or leggings. My wrap skirt disappeared, so for the moment I wear shorts over my leo, but I'm starting to think it makes my bum look bigger, rather than smaller (and it's obviously still there anyway, underneath the shorts).


When I went back to ballet, I decided to buy everything in black, so I wouldn't have to think about co-ordinating things, or get too bothered about the clothing. I've since decided that I prefer pink or white shoes to black ones though. I didn't get the hang of putting my hair in a respectable bun for a while, but it's a life skill I've now kinda-sorta figured out (hurrah).

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Im a leo and tights girl all the way. In winter a crossover and pair of footless tights over the top - whichever colour i feel like (i wore purple in my exam when most adults wear black - but purple is better with my hair, eyes and skintone)


I reckon Too many clothes gives too much wind resistance in pirouettes. I think pink tights over the top looks fine but as a young dancer some older girls teased me for wearing it like that so i stopped. But i took class at arizona ballet the other day and noticed there were company dancers who did it and they were such beautiful movers they couldve worn anything and noone would care. :)

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I agree you can never go wrong in correct attire. You will feel better by then end of class too. You can get tall sizes in Motionwear leotards too, and not just one generic tall that is around a medium. They have certain leos in their collection that come in small tall - XL tall. I am over 6 feet tall and but for the straps on some being too short for comfort I can wear their leotaards. I have very high square shoulders and straps are an issue with many garments because, even for a tall, I am long from shoulder to bust. Theere are lots of options for skirts that I have yet to hear a teacher complain about in an adult class. They are very good for morale.

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I like either covering up completely or just being in tights & leotard - it depends on the weather. It's so hot wear I dance normally that I can't wear baggy sweats and sweaters like I used to in my old snowy, icy locale.

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The funny thing is that I'm the oldest dancer in my class and pretty much the only one who wears proper ballet attire! Old habits die hard I guess!

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No leo (I'm a guy) but in the winter I wear a UA "Heatgear" shirt and tights. In the summer the tights get hot so I switch to shorts.

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Lifelong RAD habits die hard for me. :P I have to do leo + pink tights in ballet class or it just doesn't feel right. Even my bun has to be held by pins and hairnets that match my hair or it feels wrong.


Currently I'm taking most of my classes with the regular teens anyways (no other way to get intermediate and above classes around here, and forget adult pointe classes). So I do the usual black leo, pink tights.


For the adult classes I sometimes attend, I will do other colours for my leo, but still pink tights, and sometimes a short ballet wrap skirt. I feel very rebellious not wearing black! Hah!


The 'uniform' helps my mental state, I find. Even when I'm mucking it up and terrible in class, I at least look the part and feel like a ballet dancer, and not some wannabe clumsy fool.

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I think there is something to be said for dressing in proper ballet class attire that does make one feel like a dancer, Let's face it, what you wear in ballet isn't worn anywhere else. It's like being a member of an exclusive club. However, comfort and practicality come first and I'm sure we all know that dressing like a ballet dancer doesn't make one a better dancer. That'd be like saying dressing like a surgeon means you can perform operations. :)

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Actually I use my leotards for yoga and pilates also (with pants). Leotards are waaaayyyy prettier than yoga top, and an elegant one cN be found in pricepoint lower than, say, lululemon.

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