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How many adults actually wear a leotard/tights to class?


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I just started back in an adult class after a five year hiatus. I'm wearing a leo, tights, and canvas split-soles, because it's what I'm used to. I did wear a pair of shorts because we did a fair bit of stretching on the floor. Others in the class wore leggings and tight fitting tops - but all black. I like to wear a little color without being flamboyant. The leo I chose for last week's class was burgundy; it wasn't showy, but I did feel a bit odd in a sea of black.

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Ha, yeah, I'm with you.


The shame of it all is that I love to knit and made myself an AWESOME pair of black shorts and while they fit me as well as any pair of shorts could possibly fit me (because I made them to my own specifications) I came to the conclusion that even the best shorts are not a terrific look for me.


Because the yarn was really nice, I "unknit" them right into a sweater by adding some grey yarn for stripes:




Ohhh! I knit as well, and considered making shorts, but I am a bit of a knitting slacker (I'd also like to make a shrug or something for colder days--though I warm up in class pretty quickly, so I don't know how much actual use I'd get out of it). I *love* your sweater. Yea, I don't think shorts are a good look for me (hence the skirt fascination). I will figure it out!


A pointe shoe problem could get definitely get expensive. I can see how easily that could happen though (I keep wanting to buy some of the ones Ms. Clara recommended since my local store didn't carry them...)


I like the crazy leotards, I gotta say...I think because when I was younger we had much more regulation, and at the studio I currently dance adults don't have a dress code so I can get away with crazy leotard shenanigans! I do like the look of black leotards, though--classical and flattering. Our class leotard is a black Capezio BraTek with a pinched front and I love it!


Thyme, I love the idea of a navy leotard *goes on a hunt*

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I am mostly traditional. I wear a Bloch black tank leotard with pink tights and pink leather slippers. I have a full sole pair and a split sole pair as I take class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Over that, I wear Lululemon Groovy Run shorts, Harmonie warm up shorts or a wrap skirt, also in black. My classmates wear leggings and singlets and I cannot understand how they don't overheat. The less layers, the better!


... I'm actually the only one in a leotard, now I think about it. I hope I don't come across as up myself!

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I doubt that! You're wearing what feels good and that you can work in.


By the way, Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! glad you found us & I hope you find a lot of good company and expert advice and discussion here.

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I (re)started ballet back in September and started out with cropped tight yoga pants and a tight spaghetti strap workout top tucked under my pants. Tucking it in sort of "faked" a leotard a bit. Now I'm wearing a leotard with Gaynor Minden black footless tights (which are the best!).


As I eased into a more regular ballet schedule, I decided to try on a couple of nylon leotards but found them to be quite unflattering. I sure don't look the same than when I was 12 years old, hmm.. who would have thought? :ermm: So I saved a little bit and invested in a Yumiko leotard which makes me look so good.


Shoes, I've kind of gone through an evolutionary process. Started out with Bloch and have finally settled down with Grishko canvas split soles.

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Now I'm wearing a leotard with Gaynor Minden black footless tights (which are the best!).


Just wanted to second that YES Gaynor Minden tights are the best! I've seriously recommended them to everyone in my class.


I've noticed that a lot of adults tend toward nylon leos, which is so strange to me because I think they're more unflattering and uncomfortable than cotton. Do they have better support or something? I just don't get it.


I have all sorts of leos and warm ups, but my favorite combination is a cotton short-sleeved leo, knit booty shorts covered by trash bag shorts (gotta keep those hips warm!), and whatever tights are clean. And Bloch canvas splits soles always and forever!

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At first I was too shy to wear tights + leotards and always had to wear a ballet wrap skirt. But eventually, I wore leotards and tights with booty shorts as I wanted to see my form better.

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Just popping in to say Welcome! to Ballet Talk for Dancers, notinmyplanet, and to the Adult Students' forums. Hope you find lots of good advice and camaraderie here.

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I'm a returned adult student too-- and I wear the same thing I wore as a pre-pro teenager dancer: usually black stirrup tights, but sometimes seamed mesh pink tights, a short skirt, and a leo. Since I'm in the tropics and it's freaking HoT, I wear the nylon-y leotards now. I think the nylon leos allow the sweat to evaporate a little faster. I have several cotton leos, but they just trap and hold all the sweat; they're warmer and potentially stinkier. and I just hate how everything is wet and sweaty except two big circles at my chest which stay weirdly and conspicuously dry.


of course, it took me nearly a full year to pare down to tights and leo. I started with baggy nylon sweat pants and a thin, baggy long-sleeve top over black tights. I would shyly change from the sweat pants to a skirt when I just couldn't take the heat any longer, but some of the younger girls called me a bag lady and laughed at how much I wore.


I'm still very conscious of how I look in pink tights. I choose whether to wear pink or black based on my morning perception of thin-ness. (old habits die so hard).

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When I first started in an adult beginners class last year, I started out with a t-shirt and sweatpants. Once I felt more comfortable I switched to black leggings and a black supplex t-shirt. Recently I've started wearing Capezio black mens tights which are very comfortable to wear.


My teacher said if you wear sweatpants she wouldn't be able to see the position of my legs properly, for example if my knees were bent or stretched, so I'm absolutely sticking to the tights.

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Like many of you, when I first started in adult beginner's class a year ago, I was a little shy and overly conscious about my body. I started with leggins, warm-up shorts and a tight-fitting T-shirt, but after a few months felt comfortable enough to start wearing "proper" leotards and tights (I still wear the warm-up shorts, though).


Now, I think it's actually so much easier just wearing a leo than having to worry about your T-shirt possibly revealing more than desired during cambres...so I am happily sticking to my leotards! My favorite one is a red microfiber camisole leo with a pretty double strap, crisscross back :) And yes, it's SO MUCH fun shopping for new leo's online :D !!

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When I returned, I wore the same thing as I did when I was a teen - camisole leo and pink tights. Recently I am adding on a wrap skirt, just because I don't want to look too much like the teen next to me in class! :D

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I wore the booty shorts over tights and leo, but at some point stopped. (Too much time spent pulling the waistband up in place during center work.) I have a couple of black skirts to go with my black leotards now.

Sometimes I put a basic matching cami over my leo to give more coverage and change the look of my leo strap lines with skirt over tights. Once in a while I wear the simple essentials (tights w/leotard)- if I dont feel bloated!

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We don't have a strict dress code so half the time I wear a black leotard, pink tights, and black form-fitting shorts (though I've been doing away with the shorts lately). Otherwise I just wear those shorts with a snug fitting tank top. I really like wearing the leotard and tights though. I was surprised how warm actual dance tights kept me! I'm going to third the Gaynor Minden tights recommendation. I use their convertible tights. I don't have a lot of experience with tights, but I know these ones fit, are soft, and don't make me feel like I'm being squeezed to death!


In my most recent class I was one of two students who wore leotard and tights. I was a little nervous to do it, but I thought there was probably a reason that attire was worn. I can definitely see why. It's easy to see my lines, there's no constantly adjusting bunching up clothes, and I stay much warmer/cooler. Plus, it just looks cool! I have a new class coming up and I'm trying to convince my friends to join the leotard and tights club.

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I've seen some crazy costumes, I wish I could take pictures. :yes:


After the first plies at the barre, you should be down to just tights and a top. wearing ankle warmers or boy shorts, sweater, are just hiding your body from the teacher.

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