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Television: Bunheads on ABC Family

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Does this series have any connection to the recent novel "Bunheads" by Sophie Flack?


PS I almost typed bundtheads. Now that'd be an impressive hairstyle. Tasty, too.


Bundt heads! Love it! Now I know what to bring as a snack for Nutcracker rehearsals!

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Watched this yesterday. I haven't watched anything on ABC Family before, so that threw me off. Like other posters above, I expected a family-friendly show that I could watch with my 10 y.o. DD, but he talk about topless dancers, drunkenness, sexual references and beer-drinking teenagers didn't strike me as appropriate family fare. I suppose it's fine for older teenagers and their parents, but not kids. I thought the show itself was uneven. Sutton Foster's lines seemed better written than some of the other characters', and the jilted small town ex was ridiculous and over the top and not really funny. That said, pilots rarely make good episodes given all the exposition that has to happen, so I'll probably watch the next episode, sans DD.

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I watched with my 12 yr old dd and decided that it was a little too 'adult' for her. I hope it focuses more on the dancing and young dancers in future episodes.

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I, too, was thrown off with the ABC family channel moniker. Won't make that mistake again.

Kristine, I agree with you: this was too snappy, quippy, and ridiculous for my taste! Both my DDs could not stop laughing at it. They thought it was ridiculous! My older DD was practically offended at the story line: give up ABT after being in the company at 17??? ARE YOU CRAZY???? :green: And for what seemed to be no good reason? Come on! (quoting DD here).

Nor did they like the reference of the kid drinking beer. They thought that was way out of character for a dancer. But of course I don't think this show is 'about' dancers, but maybe about how people turn their lives around. It just happens to be in a 'dance studio'.

We were disappointed that it wasn't somehow more about ballet. I don't think they will bother watching it again.

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I agree with everyone else. The show seems less about ballet and the girls and more about Sutton Foster's character, who happens to interact with these kids to achieve some type of personal redemption for regrets and mistakes made in her life. I'm also not too crazy about the "edgy-ness" and we will stick to Breaking Pointe.


I don't know any ballet students aged 13-17 at a prepro school that would wear a Snoopy leotard to class! DD and I laughed so hard at how ridiculous that girl looked.

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ballet valet

I can't quite get past the HORRIBLE script, acting and characters when they are trying to be funny. It is really not funny. THEN, they get a little more sappy/emotional and the show sort of comes back together. If you are waiting for some dancing, good luck! The show is painfully slow. If you want a quirky, slice of life show, you might be able to get into it but I actually changed the channel 3 times and MADE myself finish it. I don't think I will try again.

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love to see you dance

this was par for the course of what is on ABc Family also home to shows like Secret Life of an American Teenager, terrible acting scripts, more of a guilty pleasure kind of thing if you can stand it

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I love this show! My 14yodd and I watched the pilot and the second episode and absolutely loved it.


I thought the dance performance at the end of episode 2 was really beautifully done and lovely- solid technique and very expressive.


Love Sutton Foster. Love the fast dialogue, quirky characters. Love that ginormous studio! Love the dog!


Here is a satisfyingly, long interview with Kelly Bishop who plays Fanny, the mother-in-law and who also played Emily in the Gilmore Girls.




Kelly Bishop and the creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino, were both classically trained dancers.


Another little interesting fact from the interview, the lyrics of the song “At the Ballet” from “A Chorus Line” were from Kelly Bishop's life story, from an interview she gave. She, of course, performed in the production as well.


And here’s a quote from the interview that encapsulates why I love this show and Gilmore Girls and why these two shows are different from so many others (We don't watch any other shows on the ABC Family lineup):


"... there’s always an overlying sweetness and a kindness and there aren’t ever any evil people. Everybody is always doing their best to make their way through the world as well as they can. That seems to be a really solid theme that I have noticed and it’s something that I really appreciate in Amy’s writing. I think people will feel those connections without thinking it’s Gilmore Girls again. I hope.”


(By the way, the girl that looked stuck-up and mean in Episode 1, was given deeper layers in Episode 2. Her relationship with the other dancers are not really enemies, more like they get on each other's nerves but are there for each other. Just FYI.)

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My dd and I think this show is ridiculous. On top of that, why the need to reference um, adult topics, in something that is marketed to young girls? We had high hopes for this, and were sorely disappointed. We are done watching it.

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This program does not hold my attention at all. My DD has finished watching the first few episodes and commented that they seemed to be minimally about ballet, more about chattery drama, and conclusively negative in their portrayal of ballet and ballet students. Perhaps it is meant to be more of a parody, but of what I don't know. I think I became bored with how tacky and predictable many of the characters were. If there is an intended audience demographic then it is unclear as to what it is. The scenes flit chaotically which is ridiculous. Thumbs down from us on this one.

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I hope it's just slow getting started and that they will show more dancing and focus on the girls more in future episodes. My DD is 11 and although as a parent I have no problem with the subject matter on the show so far, she has not found it that interesting. She did watch the memorial dance the girls performed. DD doesn't really like Breaking Pointe either, all "adults whining about their lovelifes", not enough dancing. Dance Academy and SYTYCD she loves.

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DD and I did not finshing watching the show becuase we both fell asleep in the middle. I don't think we get the Gilmore Girl humor/repartee/pacing, since neither of us watched that show. I can't quite get over the Sutton Foster character leaving ABT for a Vegas showgirl stint. I'm assuming that the show will go into more detail about that in future shows, but I'm afraid I'm not going to stick around.

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This is one of those shows that I just can't decide if I like it or not so I keep watching. DD saw a snippet and decided it "wasn't appropriate" for her so I don't have to make that decision to make. I never watched Gilmore Girls so I don't have that to compare it too.


My 13 yo dd and I think this show is ridiculous. On top of that, why the need to reference um, adult topics, in something that is marketed to young girls? We had high hopes for this, and were sorely disappointed. We are done watching it.


I don't this is actually marketed toward young girls - ABC Family isn't exactly "family friendly" for anyone under age 16 or so. One of my biggest pet peeves about this show has more to do with the marketing of the network's other shows, particularly Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars.

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If you google things like "why isn't ABC Family, Family Friendly" or other such things, you'll find that the word Family is a contractual obligation that goes back through two different sales of that company. The word Family has to be in the title from now until even if the network isn't family oriented.

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