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Television: Bunheads on ABC Family

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I didn't stay with the show after the third episode.


My ears were sort of ringing from the nonstop quirky yet not very funny dialogue.

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There's only been two episodes.

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Probably dating myself but Sutton Foster's character reminds me of Walter Matthau's character, Buttermaker, from the The Bad News Bears (1976). I was flpping channels and came upon this movie one Saturday afternoon on WGN. I watched the whole thing and made the connection.

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The website and my Comcast On Demand show 3 shows having been on. I only watched the first two, but the 3rd it shows aired 6/25? Possibly a black out in certain areas?

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Victoria Leigh

I think there have been 4 shows, maybe even 5. I think this past week was #5, and they have one more.


Editing to add that I just checked my DVR list, and there have been 5.

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Sorry, I stand corrected - 3 episodes have aired - 1st Michelle married; 2nd Hubbell's Memorial; 3rd Michelle decides to stay.


I believe the first episode was broadcast 2 or 3 times. I wonder if that's how you ended up with 5 Ms. Leigh.


Matthau's Buttermaker and Sutton's Michelle huh. Hmmm. Well, they both have dark hair, slouch and both have great comedic timing firmly rooted in live theater. They both demand attention when on stage or screen- they have quick, witty dialogue served desert dry and plastic faces that can convey despair, surpise and lovely exasperation.


Okay, I see it!

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Victoria Leigh

We have seen 5 different episodes here. The last one was this past Thursday. There is one more this week. Maybe it is airing differently in different places, or on different cable or satellite services. :shrug:

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Ms. Leigh is correct, there have been 5 episodes aired already. The season finale (Episode 6) is Thursday night.



So sorry, I was talking about the wrong TV series. My bad.

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The official website only has recaps for 3 episodes as do all the recaps when you google Bunheads.


I'm not saying more episodes have not been aired elsewhere, but in the Midwest it has only been 3 and this week they are not airing episode 4 presumably because of the holidays.


Plus, I don't know how the season finale can air on Thursday, when the show is broadcast on Mondays? See official website above.

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Victoria Leigh

Curandera, as I said, I think that some cable and satellite companies must be airing them at different times. It has been Thursday night here, and there have been 5 episodes shown. I have them all recorded. There is one more. I'm assuming it is this week, but maybe they are not showing it here this week. I don't have a TV guide.

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Ok, now that we've solved that in some areas there are more shows available than in others, let's get back to talking about which version we are watching or have watched. (I stopped after the Snoopy leotard) :) And if you don't want to see spoilers, then maybe stay away a bit on this one. I do have a show that this happened to me on during the school year. I thought I missed one week and came back to On Demand and there were 2 weeks of shows missed. I watched them and the next day when my daughter tried to watch they no longer showed up On Demand. Gremlins?

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Yay! Just saw Episode 4 called "Better Luck Next Year."


Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud so many times. Best show I've seen in a long time!




Fanny, "We have to get out of this mobius of a conversation."

Big kudos for using the word "mobius" in a sentence.


Talking about a random man who helped Michelle move "the beard made him look so kind, like Lincoln."


Fanny talking about a book her mother gave her (her backstory was marvelous by the way), "the book was a small, thin, leathery thing." Michelle serves back "Like my landlord."


Boo's discovery of her cake left me speechless. Really not liking the Mom as much as last time. That was really, really horrible. In fact, I don't like her.


OMG - the curtain rod! I was dying laughing. That's me! That's me!!


Boo's constant wig changes were hysterical but not funnier than Michelle's line "It's like being back stage of the Carol Burnett show."


And then Boo's excited statement, "I fouetted in a wig!"


I really love Boo. She is the perfect dancer in every possible way.

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I watched this show for the first time this weekend. I wasn't that interested because I thought it would be for teens only, but I really liked it. I can't imagine thinking that this program isn't appropriate for 12 year olds. The teen girls seem like good kids. (yes, teens sometimes sneak beer!). Typical teen behavior, girls fighting, liking boys, family problems, obsessed with becoming dancers, etc. The small town characters are cute.


I can't think of any inappropriate content. I think it's ok for 12 year olds to know that some professional dancing sometimes requires nudity, for example, Vegas, Modern, even Broadway. It's a good opportunity to let young girls know that they don't have to do anything that doesn't feel comfortable. In terms of sexual innuendo, I think the first show discussed the married couple having sex. That's normal, healthy, etc.


There aren't too many TV shows about teens actually doing something. Usually, they're just hanging around, at the mall, etc.

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Georgia, since you asked.....my dd is only ten, but I can tell you that the things that you mentioned in your post are exactly the reasons that I do not consider this show appropriate for her. There is a LOT of adult content in this show. Some episodes have more mature topics than others. Anyway, every family is different in their approaches to these things. For some families, it will seem fine, and other parents will consider it inappropriate for younger ages. To each their own!

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Each family has to pick the shows appropriate for their children. What confuses me is when someone thinks this show is inappropriate because it discusses things like sex in a marriage or teens drinking a single beer away from the adults, yet let them watch all the unresolved, completely morally bankrupt goings on in reality shows - and I include Dance Moms.


But, as they say, to each his/her own.


I love this show. I find it very relatable to my dd's and my own experience.


It is exactly how my dd did the SAB auditions. She lacks the flexibility, body type and years of training to get in, but the auditions leave her floating for days. Luckily, the first time, she had a couple good weeks of reminiscing about the awesome audition, before receiving the dreaded letter.


She was disappointed the first year she auditioned and didn’t make it. She had hoped she might because she didn’t have a very good idea of what the competition was (big fish in a small pond syndrome since rectified). But the second year, even with more flexibility, better body and more training, she knew her chances were almost nill because of the competition. She still has a long way to go.


But that had nothing to do with the thrill just to be in that class, taught by incredible former dancers/teachers. Just to show them what she has.


Of course It would be great to be accepted, but auditioning for those dream schools is so much more! It is a total adrenaline rush.


We totally relate to Boo. She reflected that experience perfectly.


Even when her Mom worries about her being disappointed if she doesn't get in, Boo says, "but I'm a better dancer." I don't think that means "I'm a better dancer" so I will get in, but rather "I'm a better dancer" I want to show them what I can do. That's why Fanny kept sending her in. It wasn't so she would get accepted, but so that they could "see" her.



And as a better dancer, she was also better prepared for rejection. Being able to deal with rejection must be a skill a dancer can handle.

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