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Television: Bunheads on ABC Family

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Bunhead Mama

I'm excited for the new season. To me, this show is Gilmore Girls with a ballet studio instead of a diner. It is not really a dance show but it is still fun to catch glimpses of it during an episode. And is it just me or does ABC family have the shortest seasons ever?

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I love this little show! It is so fast, I really have to pay attention. I love the snarky, yet heartfelt conversations Michelle has (sometimes with herself!). My dd (12) loves the show and we enjoy watching it together. We watched the marathon the other day (we were on vacation and I can't remember which day it was!). I forgot just how witty the show is. And, I loved the dancing. Is it enough? Not really, but I enjoyed the high calibre of dancing, enjoyed the abbreviated version of Nut, the hilarity that ensued after the macing LOLOL! I love Fanny (who is she {actress} and why do I know her??). Love Sutton Foster's character and I dearly love the relationship they have.


My favorite scene was one I came in late on...Michelle is yelling at one of the girls about being late to class, hair disheveled, etc. It was wonderful, everything I would say or want to say.


I can't wait until Mon, well actually Tue for us because we are in dance on Mon nights and will watch on Tue our day off!

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Fanny is played by Kelly Bishop (her name, earlier in her career was Carole Bishop). She is generally known for her work on the Gilmore Girls...but we "musical theater geeks" remember her as the original Sheila A Chorus Line, both in the first production at The Public Theater and then on Broadway. She was amazing.

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Did you all catch the wonderful line that was an insult to "Dance Moms" on the show Monday night?


Michelle: What will you tell the Villagers?


Fanny: I'll tell them you're back, and if they don't like it they can take their children to that enormous crazy woman with the pyramid system who's dancers turn out knock kneed with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.



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I LOVED THAT LINE. The writing on the show is just great. I laugh out loud, in this sort of delayed way, because it happens so fast, you don't catch it immediately. It takes a moment to process, and then you laugh while the next line is being said.

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I really loved this show and am sad it was cancelled. A cross of Gilmore Girls and ballet - how perfect is that?!


I loved so many of their numbers. One of the very first that was a tribute to the studio owner's son who had died was really wonderful. I also liked the one to Constantinople by They Might Be Giants. They also did a very funny and fun little ballet showcase that involved a character that was a recycled grocery bag. Oh what they hey, I loved every single routine and enjoyed the unique way they incorporated the dancing into the story - sometimes as part of the storyline and sometimes out of the blue. It wasn't Glee and it wasn't Fame. It was something different and lovely.


Oh well.

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I really liked the show too. No violence, no gore, just good ol' fashioned fast-talking and dancing. I was a little hesitant at first after Hubble was killed off but seeing Michelle grow into being a teacher to the bunheads, while still holding on to the notion of becoming a star one day, was an interesting journey.

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I know! Sad news. This show was nuts, but I thought it was an excellent kind of nuts. I would laugh out loud and also appreciate the dancing.


After the finale, there was a lot of critical commentary encouraging ABC Family to renew the show. I agree with much of it that television will be poorer for losing a show (the only show?) that highlights meaningful and supportive yet realistic relationships between many women of many ages. Plus the dancing was charming.

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I never watched the show, but DD said one of the girls on the show stayed at the same residence that she did while in NYC. The actress also went to the same intensive as one of DD's friends. DD said she was very pretty, but that her friend said that the girl wasn't very good at ballet. I don't know which one she was. It was an interesting comment anyway. :grinning:

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I think this show was just a little too "sweet" and "normal" for ABC NOT!Family. Their programming tends to run along the lines of drugs, alcohol, teens having sex and getting pregnant, etc. I'm hoping another network will pick up the show. With the right time slot and marketing, I think it would do quite well.

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I'm just watching this show now. Just finished episode 13. I love it! Goofy, quirky, some episodes are slow in parts, but I adore Kelly Bishop and will watch her in anything. Same goes for Amy Palladino's work. Always refreshing. I love seeing so many Gilmore Girls characters pop up throughout the series. Gav's comment, "This show was nuts, but I thought it was an excellent kind of nuts. I would laugh out loud and also appreciate the dancing" got it right.


I think Sutton Foster's personality is very big for the small screen - she's a Broadway sensation - but I expect with practice, she'll adjust. But that bigger than life personality was also a great deal of her charm. Oh, and I wouldn't have had any problem with my daughter watching it from about 14 years old up. And I'm the mom who wouldn't let her watch "Friends" (which she actually had no interest in).


My favorite episode is the Nutcracker one (won't give away the story here in case some haven't seen it). I loved the comments about it in the next episode too. Great fun!

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I had so many days off at Thanksgiving that I found myself watching reruns of this. I did tend to fast forward through to watch the dance numbers. My favorite will always be "Constantinople."

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I was home sick today, and thanks to this thread, I started watching this series On Demand. I love it! I watched the first four episodes, and I am looking forward to watching more. I wouldn't let my 9 yo watch it, but I am really enjoying it.

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