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Ballet schools in Australia - Newcastle NSW

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hi everyone! wondering if anybody can offer advice or suggestions on good quality dance (ballet) schools in Newcastle. There are a huge number of studios and just as many opinions on what is good and what is terrible. We want a good ballet school which can help prepare 'us' for a possible career. thanks in advance!

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I don't know who's taken over, but I grew up in Newcastle, and the ballet schools which had serious full-time programmes were Tessa Maunder's studio, and Marie Walton Mahon. Unfortunately, the other top teacher in the area, Edward (Ted) Miller has retired (we studied with him, and my sister subsequently went on to a very successful professional career in ballet).


Miss Maunder trained Lisa Croker (Pavane) and many, many others. It's an extraordinary track record. Miss Mahon's studio developed after my time, and I think she's also trained many many of the nation's best dancers. And the best Australian dancers are amongst the best in the world.


There's an excellent dance culture in Newcastle, although it does revolve around Eisteddfodds. But these -- despite a rather unfortunate competition aspect -- do give good stage performance experience.

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thanks Redbookish- yes those are certainly the big names around here. We have had teachers who studed with Tessa M and her name remains a gold standard in Newcastle. I would be interested to hear what people think of Marie Walton's studio (she sold it a couple years ago) as that is one place we consider. And yes Eisteddfodds remain a huge industry!

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probably too late for Thyme, but this info may help people searching the forum.


Marie Walton-Mahon's studio is excellent quality training, though much more contemporary focus now the new director has taken over.


Newcastle Ballet Theatre, is a new classical school in Newcastle with teachers who are ex dancers from USA. Lovely atmosphere and top level training.

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Hi, is anyone interested in updating this forum? What the current experiences of dancers and their parents with schools in Newcastle?

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

I would still consider Newcastle ballet theatre to be an excellent school. Wonderful principals. And a mostly great faculty.

We have been at this school from its beginnings.

There are several good schools in the Newcastle area. National college of dance has a full time program, although it was said previously that it was more contemporary. I would beg to differ. It's a definite split between the 2 genres.

These would be my 2 best picks from the Newcastle area.

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Boy! There has been alot of water under the bridge since I started this thread over 2 years ago. We no longer live in Newcastle but I can tell you that I agree with the previous posters regarding Newcastle Ballet Theatre. Great teaching and a lovely dance community. The families are extremely supportive of each other and the children are happy. I can't comment on the other studios so I suggest that you search and visit the larger studios to form your own opinion. I know that NBT has a healthy group of young dancers around the age of your dancer, boys and girls so that partnering is taught regularly as are variations.

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We really ask that members be willing to share information on the open Board. Otherwise, it doesn't really benefit everyone, just a very few, which is not the purpose of this Board Community. :thumbsup:

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Hi guys, still the same question now in 2019. My daughter is young grade 2 but absolutely committed. We are relocating from Sydney and would love your ideas on great ballet school in Newcastle or around please?

Thank you kindly!

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Hi Olymp- five years later I still completely recommend having a look at Newcastle Dance Theatre. They recently moved to larger studios and their students continue to go on to professional training and careers. Call Rider and talk to him. 

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Thank you. Just had a chat to him. They have different syllabus so I am not sure as it is not same grades and exams so the transition might be tricky. But I might take her there for a trial.

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I shouldn’t have thought that the different syllabus as a “young Grade 2” would or should be an issue.  If your DD is committed to ballet she will eventually have to adapt to whatever the ballet mistress/master and/or choreographer requires.

for example the Australian Ballet School doesn’t really use either an RAD, Cechetti, or ISTD syllabus. Get the best teaching possible - ballet is ballet is ballet....

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Thinking about great teachers and the people they trained - when I lived in Newcastle (Australia) the studio which produced stunning dancers eg Lisa Pavane who now directs the ABS, was Tessa Maunder’s studio. But I’m not sure if that is still going after Miss Maunder’s retirement.  Ms Pavane had a rather less romantic dance name when she trained with Miss Maunder!

The other place to consider is Marie WaltonMahon’s studio. Ms Walton-Mahon is the developer of Progressing Ballet Technique, and her National Dance Academy produces beautiful dancers.  

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I believe the names are now Newcastle Dance Academy (RAD training) and Newcastle Ballet Theatre.


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