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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 1

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I have been reading this thread with such interest and agree with most things that have been posted. I just wanted to add that i would love to see Petite Mort in its entirety someday. I hope it isn't shelved for a long time after this last perforance run.


Do we know yet if Breaking Pointe will be picked up for another season, or it still doubtful?

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@ ceecee - no, the conductor seen in these performances was a guest conductor, not Maestro Kern.

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love_ballet, thanks for sharing! That is good to know. When I read that press release I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that maybe something had happened during the filming of this TV series that affected someone's career. Glad to know it had nothing to do with this.


Dancer830, I have the same feeling about Petit Mort! I would love to see it performed!!

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Thank you pavlova for posting that link, what a wonderful review. I expecially like the first paragraph about the progression of ballet, as I had not thought of it that way and it makes complete sense. It was a fresh perspective for me. :)


I am a little surprised that there is nothing said about Beckanne in the review. Maybe because she is a corp member?

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Beckanne received her own glowing review for dancing the leading role of Kitri in Don Q just two months before these performances shown on episode 5 were filmed.


"But of course, the night belonged to 19-year-old Beckanne Sisk in the lead role of Kitri, and principal Christopher Ruud as her Basilio. Sisk was invited to join BW II last year, taken in the company this season, and was rightfully cast as lead on opening night...." well you get the idea.


So when Beckanne said she was already dancing her dream roles (first episode) it appears she meant principal roles. The show is not all it seems. Apparently (whether you believe that it's too much too soon - or not) she is already quite establshed at BW.


*edited to add: wish they had been filming the day casting for Don Q was released.

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I noticed that Kate received a positive plug. I can't help but wonder how careers might be affected now that everyone has had the opportunity to watch the show.

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Nice article with some background on Allison and Rex:


"Breaking Pointe" underscores hard work, and pain, behind beauty of ballet




Interesting quote from Allison:


"Young Beckanne, she's so talented, but I don't think she understands that more people have our paths -- Rex and mine -- than hers."
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Allison's problem with the conductor reminded me of a joke in the music world, in which (before beginning) a conductor looks at his orchestra and says, "You're probably wondering what tempo I'm going to go at. Well, so am I!"

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love-ballet, that is an interesting quote from Allison. I wonder if she is speaking to the fact that Rex and she had the normal ups and downs of a ballet career (including a large break in training for Allison) as opposed to Beckanne being considered a "phenom" at the age of 19. If so, I think Allison is right in that most ballet dancers don't have big breaks at a young age and get where they are through hard work and perseverance.

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I noticed that Kate received a positive plug. I can't help but wonder how careers might be affected now that everyone has had the opportunity to watch the show.

Just to be clear, the "Kate" mentioned in the review is not the "Katie" that is featured on the show. The review is referring to Katie Critchlow. We have seen her a few times on Breaking Pointe but she is not one of the featured dancers highlighted on the show.

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For the reasons, Allison mentioned in the article:

"I want to be that advocate to young dancers, both boys and girls. To tell them, 'if you doubt yourself, that's going to stop you. Because if you're determined to do things, you will do it.'


I hope that this means the tough time that Allison might have experienced this season (which is perfectly normal in a dance career of a long time dancer or an older dancer) was worked through and is behind her! I would love to not stop at the first part of her quote that we saw (the self doubt and how it can stop you) and see her work through those things by determination to come out on the other side of that. I would hate for the show to end this season or not come back leaving simply the self doubt as her claim to fame.


*note I'm not saying her behaviors were normal, but the life changes that may have triggered her current experiences pretty normal.

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Watched the final episode for DD who is away at her SI. It was more of a wrapup episode with heavy focus on the relationship drama, so I was pretty disappointed. I don't think DD (age 12) will be interested in it because she tended to get up and go to do something else during those scenes and then run back to the TV when there were glimpses of rehearsals or performances. I was expecting more dancing, but it looks like episode 5 was pretty much it for the dancing. At any rate, DD and I did enjoy most of the series and I'm sure that it was a big publicity boost for Ballet West.

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Just want to say that I am very grateful that there were no TV crews following me around when I was 24 and dealing with a difficult break-up and career pressures.

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