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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 1

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Thanks for posting this link, trythis. I don't know about anyone else's reaction to reading it, but the reference to the e-mail referring to a ballet dancer's need for ballet to continue to be a "mystique" to the outside world as a requirement for her/him to continue taking on the challenge of the career just seems outrageous to me. Maybe someone here knows of a professional dancer who actually feels that a public who "doesn't get it" is what makes them feel "special"? I would think the opposite. I'm frankly a little surprised at this comment and to see it published in Pointe Magazine. Maybe the person who's e-mail was quoted would rather her thoughts be kept private. :nixweiss: But there they are, at any rate.

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My dd certainly doesn't feel that the public "not getting it" makes her more special. If anything she gets a little frustrated. She feels that people think she's "weird;" her older sister says that it's quite the opposite - that people are genuinely interested to learn about something as not too many people outside of the dance world actually know a "ballet dancer."


In terms of ballet reality shows, my personal opinion is that New Zealand Ballet did better than Ballet West at bringing ballet to the public. I think that Ballet West showed WAY too much interpersonal drama (Allison/Rex). Other shows I've seen, such as Ballet High, do a pretty good job at showing the rigours of training before that first contract. (I haven't seen First Position yet).

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A post linking to a personal blog (albeit printed in a magazine) was removed pursuant to BT4D policy. (I know, I know, it's a tough policy. But it is just too hard to vet all blog entries that could be linked here. . . . . We hope you will all understand).

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I have to tell you, after watching the last episode, I do think this whole 'relationship' thing between Rex and Allison was completely blown out of proportion for the show. And yet, despite the fact I knew it was contrived, I still found myself yelling at the screen at Rex to stop 'banging his head against a wall'! :whistling:

I think it's just human nature to believe what we are shown and be taken in, no matter what the 'reality' is. That is what disturbs me about reality shows. They really should be classified as drama and not reality.

I was definitely disappointed about the lack of dancing in the last show, and the heavy relationship focus throughout the series. Nevertheless, I would still watch it again. It's classrooms, dancers, and some performing I would never get to see otherwise. There is so little of that available, that I think getting any of that is still better than none at all for me. And I don't feel it's the same as watching Dance Moms. I do hope they will have another season. I was thinking though, with all this publicity, I wonder if the producers aren't feeling it would be good to go to another company and do the same thing to keep the series interesting and fresh? Despite the pitfalls, I bet most companies would participate for the publicity!

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I agree, Mobadt. I'm hitting my imaginary "Like" button. I just love to watch ballet, and even a little is better than none.

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I would hope that if this series is continued (and I hope it is!) that it doesn't move to another company, at least not yet. I think whether you like or dislike a particular dancer's personality, you still have an interest in them. We have seen personalities and character traits that draw us in, we care. If a new company is used we would have to learn about new people, and their particular traits, etc. Yes, I am interest in the inner-workings of other companies, however I think it would be too soon to jump away from Ballet West.

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The show has been great exposure for ballet and Ballet West. However, I am not sure that if I were a dancer in Ballet West I would want another season. My concern would be the dynamics of the company being altered by the reality show. I am sure that there were dancers who may not have been too happy about the way they were portrayed at times, dancers in the company who were not featured in the show feeling left out and feeling they were not given the opportunity of promoting themselves and of course the slim chance that decisions concerning the company (contracts, casting, etc.) being made with some intent of making "great television".

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From the articles that have been written in various magazines and online publications, the characters that are in the show have seemed to not reflect much dissatisfaction with how they're portrayed. Of course, most NDA's or waivers tend to go over participation/playing nice with how the production chooses to present you, so I'm sure even though multiple people were followed and unsure of how or who would be represented, they were well aware that their reality would be altered and that there would be an expectation for them to not only be okay with it, but to show a happy face about it in public.


I finally saw the final episode. Dancing aside, I was disappointed that after the serious discussion Rex and Allison had about their odd relationship, the show ended with Allison at Rex's doorstep. I wonder if that isn't supposed to be the climatic cliffhanger that draws us in for the possibility of season 2 or what, but it was just annoying that she caved after making such a strong statement about not going to seek him out. Lame.

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I think that moment at the end, with Allison at Rex's door, was the most staged scene of the whole series. It didn't seem realistic at all to me, given that she has been so ambivalent about their relationship. I'm guessing they wanted some kind of drama to end on, and I think it's revealing that they chose to end the season/series with the relationship storyline instead of a ballet scene. Overall, too much personal angst and not enough dancing. Even so, if they air another season, I'll tune in. :blush: Can't help myself.


In the article ceecee posted, it mentioned that a series featuring Miami City Ballet has already been filmed (or at least some kind of pilot was created and is being shopped around). I hope it makes it to the screen!

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Absolutely agree about the last scene with Allison at Rex's door---for all we know, this was filmed weeks before the break-up!

Of course, despite my complaints, I'd continue watching the series to try to glean any information about the workings of the company as well as for the tiny bits of dancing.


I wonder how successful the pilot for MCB will be after already having the series on Ballet West. It would be great if the MCB program focused on the company issues/dancers/dancing rather than the romantic relationships. Can't imagine that there isn't enough 'drama' in that!!!

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I finally got around to watching the final episode. Overall, DD and I really enjoyed this series. Even though the relationship drama was a bit much, it did highlight the challenges of having relationships (friendship, professional, and romantic) in such a closed environment. More dancing would have been great, but what we got out of the show was exposure to some realities of a professional life, positive and negative (albeit dramatized).


I hope it comes back for another season with Ballet West or another company.

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For those who may be in NY and interested, it looks like Allison is a guest teacher at Broadway Dance Center this summer.

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I caught up (thanks to the online episodes...I don't get this station). Anyway...was anyone else jarred in Episode 5 when the excerpts shown of the performance were with "incidental" music -- not the score that was actually played? It was strange.... I know it was just a few seconds of Emeralds, then a quick switch...then a lovers' quarrel...but, still...strange.


I was happy to be able to find some parts of Petite Mort on YouTube...fascinating piece (and all the propwork....yikes!)

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For those who may be in NY and interested, it looks like Allison is a guest teacher at Broadway Dance Center this summer.


This explains why dd said she thought she saw Allison with someone who she thought looked a lot like Rex in the lobby of her summer intensive today. She said her friends didn't believe it could have been them, but she must have been right! B):o

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