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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 1

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Just posted on Ballet West's Facebook page:

Ballet West is happy to share that "Breaking Pointe" has been renewed for a second season! The reality docu-drama series on tv's the CW continues on to Act 2, details TBD!
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Oh yay!!! We have really enjoyed this series.


I must mention that it was from watching "Breaking Pointe" that my husband really realized what dedicated athletes dancers are. He now supports our daughter 100% with her ambitions.

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I and my DD 10 have been home sick with the flu this week and we were able to finally watch this show on Hulu.

My favorite was watching the dancing and reahearsals. It is interesting to watch the 'fashion' of what they wear in rehearsals. The relationship stuff was a little much for my 10 DD and she would just play on the ipad during those scenes.

I would love to have a conversation with the mother of Rex since she has 5 dancing children, including 3 boys. Congratulations to her.

Maybe in the next season they will talk about the journey these dancers have been on- before arriving at Ballet West.

It would be great to see old recital clips/competition clips. I know you can watch youtube for YAGP/Beckanne, but weaving it into the story would be fun to see, and maybe them talking about their SI's etc.

Overall I can't wait for the next season.

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CW has announced their summer schedule - the second season of Breaking Pointe will premiere on Monday, July 9th at 9pm EDT. I'm looking forward to it! I wonder if they will feature the same dancers.



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According to the Ballet West website, Breaking Pointe will premier July 22. The website also has a trailer for this upcoming 2nd season: http://www.balletwest.org/BreakingPointe


Now that my son is spending the summer at BW's SI, I find the show fun to watch. All of season 1 (6 episodes) is available on the CW website.

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My DD and I are anxiously waiting for this season to begin. Especially since my dd actually met Beckanne at her SI last week and she is a beautiful young woman, who was very very patient and gracious with all the younger dancers who interrupted her lunch break for pictures and small talk and crowded outside the studio door to watch her during rehearsals!!

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I'm hoping for less relationship drama and who will be the top girl drama, and more dancing/backstage/rehearsals/artistic process. I'm thinking that the backstage/artistic process stuff is probably not that interesting to most viewers.

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Guest tiptoemom

I also like the rehearsal and onstage process. I have to say that the relationship drama has prompted some good conversations with my daughter about how hard it is to maintain a relationship/ friendship when people can loose a contract from year to year. I imagine there is some completion about roles and who is kept year to year. There will probably be some backstory this year. I know they filmed Beckanne at Rock this past spring, so that should be interesting.

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