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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 1

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Since I have this forum for my vent... DD's first words while watching the show were "This is just cheesy and boring." She also pointed out how the directors were trying to make the environment seem more mean spirited in the studio by placing cameras on faces at certain times. This was exactly what I assumed it would be. It just makes me sad that here was such an opportunity to make something wonderful and entertaining and full of surprises (and even educational) without using cliches. The limited predictable format is once again an insult to a TV audience and the multiple commercials seemed to take up more time during the hour than the show itself. Along with the AD wearing a jacket and tie to work, it's too bad the music the viewers listen to, even in the studio, is even mostly stock reality show music, instead of offering for a "reality" atmosphere the music the dancers actually move to every day. Thumbs down! :ermm:

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They sure make it easy to get sucked into one dimension of each dancer's personality. I'm feeling a bit sorry for Allison since she seemed to be pegged as the "bad guy" in the first episode. I second Pavlova's thoughts above, hehehe!

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love to see you dance

I was glad that they showed hetero relationships because I think the gerneral audience has a stereotype of male dancers, I thought it moved slow, but was glad of the explanations of contract and corps vs principal for people not connected to the dance world, I am hoping that they show a more well rounded view of the dancer's personalities but I enjoyed it and am glad it shows the non dancing world a view of what its like

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They sure make it easy to get sucked into one dimension of each dancer's personality. I'm feeling a bit sorry for Allison since she seemed to be pegged as the "bad guy" in the first episode.


I rather liked that it was Allison who didn't want to get into a committed relationship and it was the GUY who was mooning on about "our future together"...nice change-up of the usual "girls just want a boyfriend/guys just want to play the field" tripe. I agree that they made her look like the bad guy, but I thought she was clear about her stance and he just didn't want to hear it.


I guess I went in with really low expectations, that there would be nearly zero dance and all catty/fighting/craziness ala Jersey Shore with a Utah setting, so I wasn't disappointed. The only other TV I will sit down and watch is "Mad Men" and hockey...and even then, I DVR and FF through the commercials (even sports...start watching about halfway through real-time and with FF, I usually end up seeing the end in realtime!).

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ballet valet

Adam's opening statement that to make his company the top, "he needed to put the most beautiful and powerful dancers on stage". This is probably how many AD's look at their company members. Athleticism and good looks, ok, job requirements are a little more clear.


I liked the personalities of the different dancers and it's good to get an inside glimpse. Not sure if I want my 14 year old DD to see the stark realities yet. A few more years of solid training and living life before she needs to know the real world,

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I thought they were trying to add more drama than necessary to the whole thing, but I sure enjoyed watching it more than Dance Moms.

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I thought it was boring.


I concur. DD, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed it. I was thinking the same thing as Kristine that it might put DD "off" on a future in dance, but I think it did the opposite. She is recalculating what she needs to do to make it into a company in 9-10 years.


When did SLC get bars? I remember a big brouhaha back when they were competing for the Olympics about whether or not visitors would be able to get "refreshments" in Mormon Country.

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It's had bars for a while... for a long while! The limitation is on alcohol availability on Sundays.

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I see the show as being more about what it's like to be a ballet dancer, than actually being about ballet. So I imagine it might be interesting for students who want a peek into the professional life (or if you like behind-the-scenes stuff like me).

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I liked it! Yes, I agree that it would have been more enjoyable if there was more actual dance. I think they attempted to show the level of stress and emotion that is present in these company dancers' lives & I don't think that the situations they presented felt contrived. Some of the scenes, yes, but the situations themselves seemed real to me & showed things about company life that I had not considered. It was heartbreaking for me to see Katie's distress at not receiving a contract. It was also sad to think about the difficulties dancers have in forming relationships when their lives are so uncertain.


The characters were very shown in a very one-dimensional way. They were introduced so that we would perceive them a particular way. We will see where they go from here. Will they stay in their boxes?

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Thanks for providing the link upthread.


I have to say, the real winner is the chamber of commerce of Salt Lake City. The shots of the sun peeking through the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges were glorious. It seems (from what I see) to be a lovely place.


As for the rest of the show I feel pretty neutral. There are some beautiful dancers - and much of the classwork was in the first half for those who missed it. This is a program that is meant for a mainstream audience so I am sure the content will reflect that.

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Agree with ceecee. i also liked it. There were obvious reality tv-docudrama devices in play as far as editing, character development, staged scenes, and the personal relationships (poor Rex!) but I did like seeing what goes on behind the scenes regarding the contract offers and rejection, what the AD wants, the hierarchical breakdown of the company in action, because as a ballet mom, I know nothing about this and I know DD is not exposed to this as a young student. It helps to see what may come down the pike in pursuit of a professional career.


BTW, DD watched the show twice, once in the original airing on CW and then again online.


There's never enough dancing for us in these shows! Salt Lake City is gorgeous! I will have to get out there soon!

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I thought it was boring.


And that's what a lot of folks thought about the movie "The Company"---even though, of all the movies with ballet at its core, it was the most realistic and the one DD and I got the most out of.


I think "it's boring" is a pretty accurate description of a dancer's everyday life--day in and day out. It is just like everyone else's: It goes on and on, they do their work, they have their friends, they balance (as best they can in the time they have) their social and business lives. There is drama, but it is not constant drama----and if it is, it is exhausting mentallly and emotionally and not a healthy place for anyone. Do we really want to see more of that portrayed????


As for seeing more actual dancing, I'm guessing there would be choreographic copyrights involved, etc. So, it doesn't surprise me that we don't see a lot of dance sequences or performances.


I'll take a regular, everyday, boring portrayal of company life over dramatic, dog-eat-dog, backstabbing, emotional turmoil, eating disordered portrayal of ballet company life anyday!! :)

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And no matter how well you edit, conversations between 19 year olds who have done nothing but dance all their lives are bound to be somewhat, uh, one dimensional. And I say that with all the love, as the mother of a 19 year old who has done nothing but dance all her life. Boyfriends, roles..at least they're not talking about food.

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