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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 1

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DD and I enjoyed the show. The drama the producers were trying to push was terrribly obvious, but I felt the dancers rose above that. We were especially interested since DD will be going out to SLC in July for the BW intensive. She can't wait to see those mountains and the city for herself! And of course she would love to get to meet any of the dancers from the show!

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DD and I just caught up on both episodes. Some parts are very contrived but we appreciated the glimpses in the ups and downs of being in a company. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.


I am also really enjoying the studio fashions! I see lots of Yumiko leotards but have no idea what brand some of the others with printed fabrics, etc. are by. Does anyone here know?

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Those are Eleve Dancewear leotards. Very pretty, but pricey! We enjoyed last night's episode again. Found the Petit Mort sections amusing!

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My heart repeatedly breaks for Katie. I really like the show.

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It's been fun to watch. DD and I were at the dress rehearsal for the spring program that they are preparing for in the show and saw the camera crews, etc. at work while we were there. The performance was amazing-in particular the group of ballet students I was with loved Petit Mort.


It's always fun (and sometimes funny) to see how your hometown is portrayed/perceived by outsiders. While some of the situations are obviously contrived, there are parts about company life that are presented in a very honest, genuine manner, and I appreciate that. still a bit heavy on the relationships vs. dancing, but hopefully there will be even more dancing as the season goes on now that the "characters" have been established.



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I thought what they did show of working out partnering was done very well. I think it went right up to the edge of being sexy and salacious, but didn't cross the line. These dancers have to go through a lot to work out where to put your hands, where to put your weight, and how to trust your partner.

And then the comment Bart (was that his name?) made that he has to fall in love with his partner a little bit. He said if he believes it, and she believes it, then the audience will believe it too.

And that is where being a "dancer" is not the same as being an "accountant." A dancer invests so much more of who they are into what they do. It would be hard for a non dancer to understand that while in a relationship with a dancer. One of the girls said a bit about that too, that her previous non-dancer boyfriends would accuse her of being in a relationship with ballet, and not with them. I don't know how they can separate the two.

Other critics have said the show is boring. And the artificial coffee house conversations a la "The Hills" are a turn off. But for young dancers this really is a glimpse into real life in a ballet company.

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From another perspective... A master teacher who is very well known and an AD with a prominent company made the comment to my dd and two other professional dancers who were taking his class today (one of which was with BW II) that it appears too scripted for him and that he would never want to hear what his dancers were saying about him. Just thought that was funny...

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I think the restaurant/coffee house/bar chats, though contrived, serve to have a set/time place for exposition and"plot advancement" (such as it is), which always a challenge in visual media where everything tends to be action-oriented. *


I thought the second episode had more dancing, and I really enjoyed that, especially the partnering rehearsals, as others have pointed out. And yes, the dance fashions and class gear...fun! I even saw one of the leotards that I have...not Yumiko or Eleve (too posh for my budget) but a Balera leo that is one of my favorites :)


* (and it's much worse/contrived/off-putting in Game of Thrones where whenever they have to explain something or advance the plot, they tend to have main characters talking while naked "prostitute" characters roll around in the background...yeesh. This is why I stick to books for my entertainment and have to be convinced to watch a TV show or movie. I'm much more interested in the details, the inner dialogue, the behind the facade moments that can be conveyed so much better in print! )

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Did they remove the full episodes from the website? All I can find are the previews and interviews.

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There's still 2 of them. Which Life do I Want to Lead and Survival of the Fittest.


I think that's all, I just started watching it.

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I feel bad for Katie as well, except during the audition for Idaho ballet where one of my former classmates made an appearance (random girls looking mean and protecting barre space lol). Apparently, they filmed during the audition and had people sign waivers, but there was a number of girls there that felt like with the camera crews there, many of the dancers Actually auditioning were overlooked due to the hubbub of having a tv crew there. I enjoy the relationship part of this show... it seems to be a device to try and push story. The whole, "let's sit in a circle and talk stiffly" bit of the show is less entertaining. Also, the hilarious edit/cut away showing Allison breathing heavily during the rehearsal of Petit Mort was... wow, it made that situation seem a lot more heated than it probably was in a very comical way! :D


There was something weird about the SF family talk where they were all encouraging the young man to follow his dream and stay at BW that was odd too. It starts out with, "My parents really like Katie.... She's the love of my life..." but actually they don't. That's when I felt bad for the characters/people. Since familial support turned into: "Katie or BW? Love of my life or Mid sized company... ehh..." But of course, "I'll still love you no matter what..." is the only bandage that wound seemed to need. Hahaha!

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Also, I think I might have glimpsed a "Class In" leotard too... those aren't too pricey, but are fun as well!

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My DD is loving the leotards/company rehearsal fashion and this show! I also thought the "family" discussion about the grown son's decision (love vs. position in company) was a bit awkward!

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