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Hi everyone. Thought I might as well use this post to introduce myself. I'm 19 and hoping to find some beginner adult ballet classes in Toronto. Do you think 19 is an OK age to join an adult beginner class?


The reason I'm interested in starting ballet is that I miss having goals and something to improve upon during exercise. I find going to the gym so boring because I'm never working towards a goal or improving. I used to take a weird ballet/not-really-ballet-stretching-class when I was younger (about 10 years ago) to aid in my figure skating (was a competitive figure skater until I was 14) but other than that have no experience.


Does anyone have any recommendations of a good beginner class in Toronto? I'm looking for something that is more of a drop-in class rather than a regularly scheduled class because I have a pretty hectic schedule that is constantly changing. Also any tips regarding starting ballet, what to wear, what to expect etc. would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you! :)

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I think you'll find it very challenging to get a good foundation in ballet with drop-in classes, and without that foundation it will become difficult to reach your goals.


There are registered adult classes at the National Ballet School that do allow for some flexibility (make-up classes for weeks you have to miss) but are quite expensive. If you are studying at U of T, you can also try the classes at Hart House. And City Dance Corps also has 7-week "Absolute Beginner" workshops.


Open classes can be found at DanceTeq (level 1 on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and Metro Movement (level 1 on Sundays). There are probably other places, too, and others might chime in with those suggestions.


I do think 19 is a perfectly fine age to join adult beginner classes, but you might also have great luck in teen beginner classes. It's good to have more options!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, alacrity, and to the Adult Students forum! I hope you'll find lots of useful information Dnd fellow feeling here.


One thing you could do is contact local professional ballet companies -- or check their websites -- to see if they offer adult ballet classes. A lot of companies do, and you'll be taught by working professionals. It's wonderful -- where I dance, I am regularly in class with dancers from a major national company, or taught by them. You're more likely to get high quality instruction than at any old suburban studio (not that suburban studios can't offer quality!)


Gav is correct though, you may wish to find a structured series of classes where you pay for a term's worth, to get continuity and building from the basics, rather than doing drop-in classes, which will be OK but you may find frustrating. Alternatively, some studios will run an intensive "getting started in ballet" weekend workshop or the like.


If neither of these learning options is available, I'd recommend starting a class at the start of the teaching term, rather than half-way through. Tat way, you will be in company with other beginners, and you can all learn together. Less potential embarrassment and bettr for the teacher who can take this slowly to start with, and then speed up as you all gain knowledge and facility.

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Thanks for the replies, very helpful!


That does make sense that taking a structured foundation class would be useful. I will look into that for sure. Do you have any recommendations regarding a beginner foundation course? I've looked into the ones at the NBS but they are rather expensive. Is the City Dance Corps 7 week "Absolute Beginner" workshop any good?


Thanks again, really appreciate all the help.

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I basically only know that the City Dance Corps workshops exist. They don't have a great floor there for ballet, but I have friends who speak very highly of the teacher listed for the workshop that starts this week (they dance at a higher level).

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Hey everyone! 

Does anyone know any studios or schools that offer classes over the Christmas break, my studio doesn’t open again until January 7th and I would love to get into a class between now and then BUT every school I check is closed for the holidays to algin with the public school calander 🙄. I get it, but like yoga and other class based actives don’t follow the school calander so why must ballet?


I’m looking for something near Waterloo, Hamilton, or Guelph. I would even drive to Toronto. 


I know NBC In studio has a winter intensive but they don’t offer my level and I can’t commit all of the 6 days, plus parking is a nightmare! 

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Thank you so much Gav ❤️❤️❤️!! I’m going to check it out.

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Hey Everyone I'm back,

I have been offered a co-op job in LONDON, ONTARIO (it is a really cool job and I am very interested in it) but I will be unable to make to my usual school in Hamilton.

I am looking for high quaility Vaganova or Checetti classes, preferable with a recital (like a proper ballet) that I might be able to squeeze into and participate in. 

Dance is the only think that keeps my mental health (and my physical health and emotional health) in check and so I will not take this job if I cannot dance. Last summer I was in a different town and there was no quality dance classes and I had a huge mental health downward spiral, the classes were low quality and taught by under-qualified teachers.

I am willing to be a little flexible, please let me know if you know any schools :)


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