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Teaching: Is it too late to teach at 29?


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Hello everyone.


I'm currently 20 years old and I'm about to enter the university to study a Bachelor Degree in Education (academic).


I have been learning ballet since the tender age of 6. As being a ballet teacher has always been my ambition, I really want to pursue that as my future career.


Right now, I'm caught in a dilemma. Why? As I'll be studying in the university for 4 years and serving another 4-year bond with a local governement-funded school after my education, I'll probably be 28 or 29 years old after I complete everything. The worst thing is that if I were to break the bond, I will have to pay for the liquidated charges (which is a lottttttt of money).


Question: Do you think it's too late to be a ballet teacher at 28/29 years old?


I really want to pursue my dream. My mom is pretty stressed up for me because she doesn't know whether I'm choosing the right choice to go to the university. I know she really wants me to be a ballet teacher too. At the same time, she thinks it would be very foolish of me to forgo this opportunity to study in the university.


Please advise. Thanks.

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Go to University, you might need that in your future. If you are qualified to teach ballet, 28 or 29 is not too late. Professional dancers generally begin teaching mid-career or after they retire. Continuing an academic education will never be a bad thing.

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And I agree with vrs too - as long as you continue dancing and developing your knowledge to be a dance teacher, whilst you're getting your academic degree.

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I also agree. I'm sure there will be oportunity to continue to study elements of dance and teaching as your progress over the next few years. Then if you still want to do it at 29, you will have some good knowledge behind you hopefully.

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Indeed, you may find some people who would find a 29-year-old too YOUNG to be starting a teaching career!

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Last year (when I was 29) the woman seated next to me at the symphony told me I was too young to be a teacher. I told her my employer didn't share her opinion. :wink:

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Thank you all for your replies! I've actually spoken to my ballet teacher about it and she agrees with all of you that it's not too late.

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