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What to eat after class?


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I have a bit habit or rewarding myself after an amazingly physical class. Same thing happened today after this morning's class, a fast-paced 90-minute class that totally kicked my tail trying to keep up with company kids (and doing a reasonably good job).


I usually work up an appetite and did today, and went through the drive thru. Unfortunately, I still eat like I'm 20, which isn't good since I'm trying to lose a few pounds. Any suggestions about something healthy, somewhat satisfying to eat after a good ballet class?

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One of the best post-workout refuels is actually lowfat chocolate milk. It has a well balanced blend of protein and carbs and is (mostly) natural and low fat, as compared to highly processed foods and energy bars/drinks (which are mostly sugar). The strength coach I was training with at the time told me this 10 years ago when he came back from a conference where post-workout nutrition was discussed in terms of the latest academic research, and there's been a resurgence of this recommendation in the last year or so :) There is an established body of research on the importance of post-workout refuelling, which should be taken in 30-60 min after a high-intensity workout and should include a mix of carbs/sugar, and protein (as well as rehydration via drinking water).


I usually opt for the lowfat chocolate milk, a banana or apple with peanut butter, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a bagel with light cream cheese, bran muffin, etc. because those things are appealing to me, convenient/portable and fit the refuel profile :)

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I am studying a lot about nutrition right now...am really impressed by this site; http://www.veganmd.org/bio.html

He is a vegan MD who uses medical studies to back up his data. Also I am reading "Skinny Bitch" which is a hilarious read aswell as having excellent nutritional information. http://www.amazon.com/Skinny-Bitch-Rory-Freedman/dp/0762424931


I have been 100% vegan for four months now and have never felt lighter, more awake in the mornings and cleaner, aswell as getting very firm and fit with my ballet, pilates and hiking. I did all this as I was diagnosed with labral hip tears and wanted to change my life and body around. It's starting to work!


After a workout, depending on the time of day, I will have a shake with flax seeds, frozen organic berries, fresh squeezed pear and apple juice and spinach. This IS a lot of work and on the go, not always possible so I might have some whole grain protein bread with hummous or peanut butter (like Kylara mentioned).

It's best to avoid meat, dairy, white flour or sugar products so make sure the peanut butter is pure and organic if possible.

Coconut water is a nice treat too.

If you are very hungry, a soup with lots of veggies and quinoa or brown rice is great.

Is it possible for you to get home after class to make something? This is always better than grabbing fast food.

Or can you bring a packed meal?


Good quick snacks are like I said, hummous or peanut butter or walnut, cashew or other nut butter and whole wheat toast or bread, some pecans or walnuts, dried or fresh fruit, a salad with olive oil and vinegar, a veggie soup, kale chips, tofu ( there is an enormous variety of tofu "meats" available), lentils, bean spread, healthy trail mix ..there is so much. PM me if you want any other info.


I am learning so very much on nutrition right now...and like I said, am seeing such great results. I think that the world is very confused about what we should eat nowadays....we are so dependant on the meat and dairy industries...but you need to decide yourself what route you want to go..

Nutrition will always cause arguments ;) But at least the information is out there...you just have to take charge :)

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I do not know why, but I am hardly ever hungry after class, even if I've had two or three classes in a row. I will eat though because I know I should. I usually eat an Asian rice noodle soup with beef as it's commonly available here in Cambodia and also because it is quite light. I finish my classes after 9pm every night.


Sometimes I eat a granola bar or oat cookie between classes to give me a little bit of energy.

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Well, I don't study nutrition, but I drink coconut water and something salty after class to get more electrolytes after I sweat a lot (which I do, I am usually soaked by the end of every single class)

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Thanks for the replies, the suggestions and telling me what you guys do! My classes are normally in the morning. They're open intermediate-advanced, so we get a mixture of adults, homeschooled company and college kids, which usually means we go full throttle for 90 minutes. I work afternoon and nights, so usually after class, it's lunch, hop in the shower and get ready for work. Drive thrus are usually convenient since I'm a single dad with a teenage daughter I also have to make sure eats before I go into work.


I've done a little bit better this week, sandwiches on wheat, fruit, with water or juice, and felt a lot better afterwards.

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