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Summer Intensive Ages?

Bunhead Jill

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I'm 14 (turned in March) and this summer I got accepted in Quinte's Summer Intensive (Professional Training Program).

I have never auditioned before for SIs, and I was wondering... :helpsmilie:

If I'm just starting now (to attend SIs) is that bad? I only really got "serious" about ballet this past year, but I'm worried that since my options for training here (PEI, Canada) are limited, is it too late to be able to consider professional dancing?

My schedule for dance this past year was:

monday: ballet 1 1/2h

Wednesday: Pointe 1h

friday: ballet 1 1/2h

I know that's not great, :(but this fall it's going to be 4 1 1/2h ballet classes, (2 with pointe included) 1h pointe class and 1h jazz a week, I know that's still not great, but it's better! :ermm:

The next year, though, I want to take a level below myself, on pointe. That'd be 1 1/2h classes /week on top of that.

So, am I "still in the running"?? I know I'm not going to be a principal with NBS or the Royal Ballet, but maybe a smaller company?

OK, I'm going to stop talking now!


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Jill, I wish we had a magic wand, but there is really no way for us to know what your potential for a professional career might be. Yes, it is a lot about the training, but the quality of training is even more important than the quantity, although that definitely counts too. And then there is the matter of your own physical facility and talent, which we cannot know! So, the only thing you can do is the best you can. I would suggest that you talk to your Quinte teachers near the end of the program this summer and see what kind of advice they would have for you. :)

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