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Part-Time College while dancing

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Spazzarina, thank you for the update. Congratulations on embarking on a full-time college experience while continuing your dance training. Best wishes in all your endeavors.


If others have questions about pursuing college part-time while dancing, perhaps the thread can continue. Otherwise, we may have reached its natural conclusion. :thumbsup:

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I've enjoyed reading this thread. DD is planning to graduate high school early (hopefully after the online class she is currently taking!!) and then attend a residential overseas ballet program that starts in a couple weeks. She will not be participating in the senior year at a traditional high school as we had planned. Consequently all plans for company auditioning/college application that I had envisioned have rapidly changed. DD's plan B is to become a pediatrician. She's hoping to enroll in part-time online college courses (after she's figured out her ballet commitments at new school)and try to get generic courses out of the way. Please do not close this thread. I'm sure we'll have questions in the near future!!!

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This thread has been great and while I am several year away from these dilemmas, this is a great resource....and a great read :-)

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Just another idea... dd is going to be doing dual enrollment at our local Jr. college(she is a Jr.). She gets credit for high school as well as college credit. The goal is to have her first year of college completed by the time she graduates from high school. She only needs to take one semester of an academic course to have it count for a full year of high school credit.Ie. College Algebra 1 semester is equal to 1 year of Algebra on the high school level. However, she will take the full year of subjects so that she can be done. I have found that the Jr. Colleges have more flexibility in scheduling around her dance hours (although the early morning class is not one she is going enjoy). There are also hybrid courses so that one day she is on campus and the other day is virtual . Plus, the Jr. College classes are done early Dec. so she won't be stressing during Nutcracker. Our state pays for tuition for this program as well... so it is a win-win. She is guaranteed transfer of these courses to any state university as well (which is not true of AP by the way).

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