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Adult Ballet Classes- Baltimore


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I have recently relocated to the Baltimore area. I am looking for some options for adult classes. I have tried a class at the Baltimore Ballet School. It was a very good class, but they only offer beginner's classes for the summer, and I am looking for something a bit more advanced that fits my level. Also, if there is a studio that offers pointe classes for adults?


Thank you. Any information or leads would be very much appreciated!

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Not sure where in Baltimore you are, but if you are willing to make the trek to Silver Spring, Maryland Youth Ballet has a vibrant adult program, with multiple adult classes daily, seven days a week. They don't offer pointe classes, but there are plenty of people who wear them in the open classes.

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MYB is really the best. I've also heard good things about Ballet Royale in Columbia. You could try Dance Conservatory of Maryland, but they only offer one adult class per week, so it may not be very advanced. Towson University offers an adult dance program that might be worth looking into: http://www.towson.edu/dance/community/adult/ and Peabody also offers ballet classes for adults at a range of levels: http://www.peabody.jhu.edu/2220


I don't see pointe classes anywhere, though. I think your best option would probably to see how the teacher would feel about letting you wear them in technique class.

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If you are near Harford County, Dance Conservatory of Maryland may be able to offer you something. They do only have one regularly scheduled adult ballet class during the school year, but have several upper level academic and pointe classes that may be appropriate. Their summer schedule is flexible to fit a range of levels. I am sure if you contact them they would see what they could do to help.

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I thought I would let everyone know that I recently attended Ballet Royale's intermediate adult class, taught by the director, Donna Pidel, and I absolutely loved it! She has a very warm, caring personality, and the exercises had the right balance between simplicity and challenge. I will definitely be returning. In case anyone is interested, the website is http://www.balletroyale.com.

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