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Hello, I have done a search but am unable to find any information on the forums about this academy. It was previously the "Island Dance Studio" and is in Victoria, BC. I would like some information about dancers/parents experience with the bridge program and/or pre-professional program. Thank you

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Is this the program you mean?




It sounds like they do have a relationship with Ballet Victoria, but you should probably contact the school or the company for more information about this. I don't have first-hand information about this academy, am not on the west coast. (Last I heard my daughters both knew dancers with Ballet Victoria, but I couldn't see that the company has a current listing of dancers).

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Thank you mom2. Yes, it is that school and it has a bridge program with Ballet Victoria. I have all the information sent by the school, thanks. I guess I was hoping someone might have some information from a parent / dance student perspective.

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The school brings many students from Japan. The dancers have classes scheduled from 2:30-9pm daily. The training is technically clean but a little slow compared to its US counterparts. The company, Ballet Victoria, has 8 dancers and the apprentices are allowed to attend some company classes. There is currently only 1 level offered so if your dancer doesn't match the level offered, there are no options.

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Thanks for the helpful information dancekarma.

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