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College Dance Fair(s)


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It may be of interest to those of you with high school juniors and seniors to take a look at this website.




Hopefully it will be helpful and informative.

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Thank you VRS! Wonder if similar fairs will be offered around the country? Sure would be nice :clapping:

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Interesting idea...and a great list of schools. I think this could be a fun weekend...but kind of pricey (even though I suppose one could think of it as payment for the master class opportunities...).


Another thought, the NACAC Performing Arts College Fairs offer a different (but we still felt useful) opportunity. This is a college fair skewed toward performing arts majors (so art, music, theatre, along with dance may be included). We attended these fairs annually once DD was a h.s. sophomore, so she could start information-gathering, talk to representatives, get an idea of which schools to apply and audition for. Pros? It's a free event, and reps willing to take lots of time to talk to students about the fine arts majors (and audition process, etc). Cons: No master class opportunities, it is a more traditional "college fair" (although geared to the arts), so representatives will also be talking to theatre majors-to-be, artists...


Here's the link to this coming year's dates and places: http://www.nacacnet....es/default.aspx

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I agree that auditions would make this worth the cost. But without the audition component, and without the opportunity to see the campuses, I'm not sure this would be worth attending. It's a wonderful idea, but still needs to be augmented.

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This does give one the ability to speak with faculty about the school and take a class to see if the school might be a place to visit or audition for. Spending a lot of money to visit a school without having had a class with a faculty member could be an expensive way to go. Dancers need to connect to teachers in order to grow in a positive way.



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At the college my DD originally chose, she knew two teachers (one being the Dean) of the program from working with them when they came in town to set choreography on her pre-pro company. However, we found that there were so many other teachers, and their attitude on campus was different, so that visiting campus at least let her see and meet all the teachers, even if just by taking class and doing the audition.


The benefit of this college fair might be to let the dancers see the level of competition they are up against at each school and see if they would fit in.


I wonder why the ballet programs don't do the regional auditions like musical theatre programs? For these regional auditions, I believe you audition once, and the decision makers for each program watch/teach and then decide so that you don't have to travel to each program, and one audition suffices for several programs at once.

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South Florida's 1st ever College Dance Fair, came about when parents started complaining of the expenses traveling around the country to attend colleges for opportunities to see if they like the campus or to auditions came about.


By bringing top Dance Mayor Colleges here, you have the opportunity to see if you like the colleges in the fist place by what they are offering, in classes, scholarships and programs that suites your style and interest.


Each representative of each college will be teaching master classes throughought the 3 day program and having the opportunity to see the dancers one on one. Dancers get to ask questions, audition and take master classes.


As a fist time effort, The College Dance Fair will only be able to grow and add components to it in the following years to come.


Places are limited, so if you are in the area, don't hesitate to participate in this event. If you have any more questions we'll be happy to answer them for you.



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Each representative of each college will be teaching master classes throughought the 3 day program and having the opportunity to see the dancers one on one. Dancers get to ask questions, audition and take master classes.


Dancers get to audition for the colleges at this program?? That would be lovely, similar to the National Unified Auditions that some of the same schools (and others) do annually for musical theatre and acting majors. Really does cut down expenses.

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It is my understanding some schools may use the master classes as auditions. This being the first time, we will see how it goes.


What price would others find appropriate?
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Having attended the College Dance Fair as an observer, I must say it was fantastic. What a marvelous opportunity for all who attended. Hopefully it will be able to continue in Boca Raton. We really need a program like this. :clapping::thumbsup:

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We'd love to hear some official information at some time about any Dance Department Admittance, scholarships or other types of actual receipts awarded at this College Dance Fair. Sounds like it could become something well worth attendance.

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So sad that we missed this program. After navigating the college dance rollercoaster last year with DD#1, I realized that we would start our college search for DD#2 much much earlier. This program fills a huge need and hopefully will be offered again. Looking forward to any feedback on how the program was received by the attendees...

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Apparently the dance college fair with reps is becoming more common. Just learned about this in Cincinnati, sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Dance Alliance. From their info: Representatives of schools from all over the country will be in attendance, including Juilliard, Columbia College (Chicago), Kent State, Cornish, Miami University (Oxford), Northern Kentucky University, American Musical and Dramatic Academy, University of Indiana, University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Wright State University, and Sara Lawrence.


Students can learn about the individual programs, requirements for admission and scholarship opportunities at each school. Students are invited to attend the GCDA Dance College Fair free of charge.


Full information at http://greatercincinnatidancealliance.org/event/dance-college-fair/


It is soon (October 7), and pre-registration is encouraged, but not required.

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