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Steffie, the audition classes are only for seniors.  There are a limited number of spaces and it fills up even with those restrictions.


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Good to know. Thank you!!

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Steffie, my daughter is also 15, but we have so much to learn about the college application process, so we’re starting early.  Registration opened today for the 2020 DTCB college fair.  It’s virtual, of course, and only $5.  Only seniors can audition, but I think this will be a fantastic way to start to gather information without investing much money.

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Thanks for the tip! I registered today!  I, too think it will be a great way to gather information. Looking forward to it. We had planned to go in person but now we will wait and do that senior year!

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Hello there,

This has been on our radar for about a year now, and I am trying to understand how a junior would participate if the fair is virtual. Would a good plan be to have a resume and headshot and then come up with a list of colleges of interest and limit by looking at those with a more classical focus? Anyone willing to share insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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