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Advice on schools in Mountain View-Santa Cruz areas


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I have a question for anyone who lives or has lived in Northern California/Stanford/Mountain View/Santa Cruz area

I have a friend here at work who I have just discovered is a ballet nut like myself.She used to do ballet up to quite a high level up until she was 22. She has since stopped for a few years, but I know that she would love to start dancing again. Now, she lives in Santa Cruz, but works up here with me, and I know when I was having difficulty choosing a school, a few of you including Linsusanr (who I tried to e-mail but her box was full..so it got bounced back. :D suggested a couple in Mountain View. I can't remember which ones, and which one was the nicest towards adult dancers. I deleted the e-mail that Linsusanr sent me.

Thank you to anyone who can help out.


Jeanette :D:rolleyes:

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Guest linsusanr

Hi Xena!


My box is full?! Sorry! I'll go check it out. Yes, I like Western since it does cater to a variety of abilities (although the "beginner" class is really not beginning at all). But since I gather you are an advanced dancer, there are morning and evening classes just about every day except Sunday. I think the morning classes generally have very advanced people since some teachers from other schools take there, or young adults who are continuing training in the hopes of being hired soon.


The evening classes can get quite huge, but it's still a great class. There are a few different teachers, so the variety is good. Let me know if you have any more questions!


Susan :D

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Thanks both of you :D

No it really isn't for me, it si for a freind here ta work. I think she wants to get back into it slwoly, although she was a 3 hour + a day 7 days a week ballet student up until she was 22, and she hasn't danced in 6 years, so do you think the beginner class would be too tough. I think I remember a Ballet Pacific or something down there as well, but I can't find a website for it. Have any of you heard of that school?

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Guest linsusanr

I am sure that if she was a serious student the beginner class will be just fine for her! It'll help her build up her endurance and placement again. As for the Pacific Academy, I've never been there but here is its website:





I hope this helps!

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Guest ninaoz

The adult program at Pacific Ballet is not nearly as large as that of Western, and they don't have as many classes either. However it may be worth trying out, especially if you (or you friend) wants smaller classes. You also might want to check out Zohar, which is in Palo Alto. (http://www.zohardance.org/). I've never taken class there but Kristine Elliot teaches and she is very good.

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