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Guidance for 15 yr old


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Hello, I'm new to the forum here.

My son is 15 yrs old and just attended a SI where they said he needs more intense training than his home studio is providing. Up to this point we've stumbled through the last 4 years finding training in Durham NC area and he's attended SI each summer on the east coast.


He is devoted to Classical Ballet. My husband does not want him going away to a residential school and wonders if he has what it takes to make it the dance world. Cost is also an issue (one income 4 kids). Neither of us has a dance background so we are trying to figure out where to go and what to do for our son.


My thought is to have him apply to conservatories to see how much potential he has. He's 6'1" (grew 9 inches in 2 yrs) and has felt slow and not that great a dancer at times, however he's often with full grown men with developed muscles or small agile former gymnasts. It's really hard for me to know. I want him to pursue his dreams but also need to make sure we are making realistic sacrifices.


What programs would be good evaluators of his ability and would give us honest feedback (instead of just wanting to fill a spot)? If you don't get into some programs should you assume that is message enough or just that they are the creme de la creme?

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