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Adult ballet classes - Dublin, Ireland


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Hi all, I am travelling with my partner to Dublin, Ireland at the end of August/beginning of September and am looking for possibilities for taking class while on holiday (to keep up my ballet fitness, explore/meet people, and have some "me time" during our trip) :) Do you have any recommendations for places that either have drop-in classes or may allow a visitor? I'm happy to take any level from beginner to intermediate (though I know that the meaning of levels may vary immensely). Thanks very much!

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Hey, look up Hilde van den Bergh in Dance House (city centre) or the Liffey Trust Studios (more in the docklands). I know that Hilde does drop-in classes, although she may have changed venue over the summer holidays. Also do a google search for "Natalya Ballet" - she's based in the northside. Monica Loughman is also excellent, but I don't know if she does drop-in classes or adults classes.

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Did you get to take any of these classes? I am going to be home for xmas and also want to taken open adult classes.

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I took classes with Hilde and Natalya. I've only heard good things about Monica, and I've taken other classes in Liffey Trust (it's a nice studio). Dance House is probably the handiest, cos it's in town though. I think they would close over Christmas, but worth checking out.

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Same question, different year!


I'm going to be in Dublin the second week of July, staying near what Google Maps identifies as Dartmouth Square. I'm looking for a beginner ballet class (I have just a couple years experience).


I see the Whynot Dance Company has drop-in classes Tuesday evenings and Hilde van den Bergh Thursday evenings, both at the Dancehouse, but the schedules appear end later this month (June). Is everyone taking the month of July off? Are there other places I should look at?

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Call Hilde directly if her number is listed on the Dance House page. From what I remember, she held the summer classes in a different venue in town.

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I found out that Hilde was teaching at a different site while I was there, but my schedule didn't allow time for me to squeeze in any classes. Everything else seemed to be shut down for the summer. Very few places have air conditioning, so I guess I can understand that. I did visit the Dancehall and was quite impressed with the facility.

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I have still never managed to take classes while back home in Ireland.. will be in Dublin getting married in a couple weeks and want to again try to take class... anything to add to this?

Anyone have a schedule for a school which has drop in classes in the day time or evening in the city centre?

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