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Advanced/Professional level open classes in Rome, Paris and London


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Can anyone recommend any advanced / professional level open classes for adults in London, Rome or Paris, as I will be travelling in Europe during December and January. Does anyone know if studios close down for very long over the Christmas/ New Year period? I have checked previous posts about this topic, but couldn't find any current information.

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For central London, have a look at DanceWorks, or Pineapple. Pineapple's the famous studio, but it's tending more & more to commercial jazz & street dancing. I tend to think there's more choice -- of timing, studio & teacher -- at DanceWorks. But they're both pretty crowded. Be ready to sweat in the company of 20 people!

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In London - I've loved Roland's Adv/Pro class at Pineapple and Trevor St. John at Danceworks - I think his is a Pro level? Both classes can be very crowded and have 'stars' in them, and I think both are worth a try, as they have different styles. The studio at Pineapple is bigger, but just as crowded, although going across the floor is a bit easier.


ETA: Oh, also - Roger.... Roger teaches a Weds AM class -- I don't even know his last name, but he's famous... He often hums/whistles his own music, the class is slow, but man is he a stickler for technique. I can ask around to see if he's still teaching, as I no longer live in the UK

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In Paris, another open type IALS school is http://www.paris-danse.com/

If Marcello Raciti is teaching, you should visit his class. Great teacher, funny, and a huge advocate of Vaganova technique. Even his basic classes are great refreshers for those who want to focus on the foundations of Vaganova.

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