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ddsbiggestfan, did the dancer from your studio make the final company? i have been trying to guess which dancer she is!


I am enjoying this show and the focus on the selection process. Personality, technique, talent, work ethic....really what does it take?

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Yes she did! She's the "classical ballerina" who was almost cut this week, and was weeping so much in the episode a week ago! She has actually done quite a bit of contemporary choreography, but is definitely a bunhead at heart. She is currently at Indiana on a scholarship.


And I particularly enjoyed the episode this week. It was fun to see the choreography develop, and I really enjoyed David Dorfman's work with the dancers. I am very interested in checking out his company now.

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The final 24 dancers' bios are online at: http://ovationtv.com...eet-the-dancers


Only a handful are actually ballet dancers, most are the SYTYCD variety of contemporary dancers from the competition circuit.


Nigel's obsession with blonde competition dancers from Utah is showing. He obviously micromanaged the final 24. No African-American or Hispanic female dancers? Really?

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Agree with Georgia. This show went to Washington DC to the Dance Institute of Washington, where the Director Fabian Barnes runs a resident company AND is a fomer DTH soloist of 15 years. And they couldn't find any female dancers of color? Wow.

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One of the dancers - Bayli - who was a dancer in "High School Mucial " with Allison Hoeker articulated that pretty well. She said this was her first chance to do "company work" and company work is so much more about the art of dance, rather than "steps" to be a back up dancer. I was sad that she was cut, because in that statement she made I think she really understood what made this opportunity special. It also kind of articulated the basic difference between the study of ballet, and studying dance in a competition environment.


If Nigel had a hand in the selection process, I think he kept the hip hop boy around. While he worked hard, there isn't a real company selection process that would keep someone on who was so far below the training of the rest of the group just because they were "special" in the one area in which they were trained.

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Agree Trythis. I don't know what ADs of companies have time to coddle dancers that can't do the basic steps.


Special. Adj 1) a subjective term used indiscriminately by reality tv dance shows to justify keeping dancers with little to no dance training and technique (compared to better trained dancers) from getting kicked off the show. 2) a subjective term used indiscriminately by reality tv dance shows to justify keeping dancers with little to no dance training, but have a compelling backstory or personal history.


Note: the term has also been used in reality TV singing competitions to keep singers that can't carry a tune in a Hermes handbag on the show.

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