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"Tailbone down!" <-- but how?


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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well!


I have a question about the same correction that I've been receiving from all my ballet teachers for a couple of months now. I've been working on it, but so far, it hasn't been a fast transition to pull off.


It has to do with my tailbone. Whenever I do fondus, pirouettes, or just pretty much anything, I find my tailbone slightly sticking out. This eventually leads to me not pulling my middle back muscles 'up' and my ribs also open up.

When I take a really slow and elementary class where I can truly focus on my alignment, I find myself being able to do more turns, balance longer, etc. However, it's the intermediate and advanced classes where combinations become a little harder and faster where I "think" I'm in correct alignment, but my teachers always approach me and I found out I wasn't pushing my tailbone down as hard as I think was.


I think it has to do with the way I am naturally built, but I don't want to let this get in the way of dancing and I know I can fix it (though I know it will take some time and won't happen over a day or two). Does anyone have advice on how to fix this? Again, this also affects my pulling up in the back and opens up my ribs.


Any exercises? Or is it just me being more conscious when I take barre? <-- If so, how can I become more conscious of it as I try my best to be conscious in class, but I always get corrected that I'm not pushing it down to the maximum?


Thank you so much in advance!

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Aligning the bones is what you want to do, but be very careful of thinking of "pushing down" anything! When you push down there is way too much of a tendency for the weight to go back and down too, and that is never correct. Instead of thinking tailbone down, try thinking of pelvic bones coming up. When they go down the tailbone goes out, the back sways, and the ribs are out. Think of lengthening the lower back and bring the pelvic bones upward.


The best information I know of on alignment is in the 'Pinned' topics at the top of the Adult Ballet Students Forum. It is entitled Clara 76's post on alignment.

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Great, thank you. I'll try to fix it by pulling my pelvic bones 'up' while keeping my lower back lengthened. Hopefully this bad habit improves for me! :)

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Beth, I had to remove your post because this is a Teen forum and not open to anyone except the teens in that age category and the Teacher Moderators on the board.


Also, please do not post any more links to articles. I had two malware reports this morning from the link.

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