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Careers: Other than Professional Dance?


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I am not sure if this post is in the correct place, but I think it involves careers. I was wondering about the different types of dance occupations, other than being a professional itself. Ballet has been a huge part of my life, and I'd hate to have it stop being a part when I go off to college later in life. So I was wondering, what other occupations are there that still involve dance? I also recently learned about physical therapists specializing in dance. Is there anyone out there that has studied this? Is this somthing that can be studied in a University? Thanks!

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There are jobs as dance therapists, careers in arts administration including fundraising, and positions as writers or dance critics for newspapers, magazines, etc. How about dance historians, orthopedists specializing in the performing arts, costumers, choreographers, make-up artists, and production positions such as lighting, scenery, etc.

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Volunteers. Whatever you decide to do in life, you can incorporate dance. We have writers who do press releases for the local paper, TV folks who do PR, production crew chief who videotapes productions, a graphic artist who does programs, a vice president of sales who sells ads for the programs, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, lawyers, business tycoons who sit on the board, a mother of sons and no daughters who likes to make tutus, an artist who snazzes up the studio, a contractor who does handy things, stay-at-home moms who stuff envelopes and make phone calls, a computer techie who handles the website, and more. I have a friend with an accounting degree who volunteers to do the books for a symphony in another state - that skill could be utilized in dance as well. It takes a lot more than dancers and choreographers to keep a company afloat.

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We had a pretty extensive discussion on just this topic a short while ago (or perhaps time flies and it only seems a short while ago :) ). At any rate, I'm thinking it was in this Forum, so you might do a search----or do like I often do---just scroll through the Index of this Forum and see what other topics interest you while keeping a look out for that particular thread.


I will try to find it and link it here, but can't promise just when I'll get back to do that.

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My dd has chosen to minor in dance in college (still very much a love), but her major is photojournalism. This weekend, she will be photographing a college/pro dance performance from the wings (what better photographer to take dance photos than one who knows what the dancers' best positions are in movement?) She would love to do dance photos and writing...

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Thank you all for the wonderful ideas! And thank you for the link for the other discussion, tutu2you!

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