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Scheduling for a boy this time


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My son is turning ten next month. I have looked everywhere for suggesting class times for older gilrs but couldn't find anything here about Boys.


He just spent 4 weeks at the National ballet of Canada school and is eager to go back next year. In addition he did a summer intensive that worked on RAD Intermediate foundations which he had no problem


For the fall I have him doing 1 hour of grade 3 RAD, 1 hour grade 4 RAD with his "exam dance teacher". He is also doing 4.5 hours with his little ballet "company" working on technique, stretch and some performance work. I am going to have him do 1 hour of pilates too. I was looking at putting him in a non-exam RAD grade 5 class also for some extra time. (this way he has one level down class, 1 class at own level and one up). His only other dance is a 1 hour tap class.


I would apprciate any thoughts

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My son is 8, turning 9 in November. I don't know what the "ideal" schedule is, but I can tell you what his schedule is this year. We aren't RAD dancers, however. He is taking 2 Ballet III classes that are 1.5 hours long. He will be performing in the winter show and will have 1/2 hour of rehearsal after class once a week and then longer rehearsals when it gets closer to the performance days. He takes a boys conditioning class (30 min) and an hour hip hop class. He's also trying gymnastics this year (once a week for an hour).

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At age 10 my son was dancing 5 days a week for 1.5 hours a day. I think he had one or two other classes as well (such as jazz and modern- I don't remember....) and he did performance rehearsals on the 6th day. He has a fall and spring performance so there were only a few weeks off between them when he was dancing 5 days instead of the usual 6.

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It sounds like a good schedule for a 10 year old.

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my DS at 10 was doing 1 half hour class a week! he didn't start doing more until he was about 12 and then only 2 x1 hr classes. By 13 he was doing around 4 hrs a week. He then got full scholarship to vocational school and for the last year and a bit has bumped up to about 25 hrs a week!!! I guess the moral is that perhaps boys can get away with leaving it a bit later (DS was told he had to get serious by 14 to reach his full potential but there was no suggestion that he had already left it to late....)

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My DS is almost 11. He does 8.5 hrs of ballet, 2 hrs of jazz, 1 hr of hip hop, and 1 hr of tap per week... then rehearsals and performances some late evenings and every weekend. Last week he logged 25-30 hrs. I do become concerned it is too much, but he only wants more and he is very healthy. This is just his 3rd year of dance. He wants to be a professional ballet dancer. He never complains and I have never forced him to go to any dance classes. I think the proper amount greatly varies per child - depending upon their physical capability, mental capacity to concentrate, maturity, and passion for the art.

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I don't know what's "ideal", but I'm trying to think back about what my son's hours have been like over the years... I'll say that his physical development is a little on the slower side of normal.


9 was his last year in an RAD school. He was taking 3 one-hour classes a week -- two in technique, and one specifically for exam-prep. (I can't remember if he also had a modern class that year...)


10 was at a new school. He took an hour of technique twice a week, and an hour-and-a-half of men's technique.


11 and 12 were three 1.5 hour classes per week (one of those was men's) plus an hour of modern. Towards the end of that year, he added in two more days of 2 hour technique classes each week.


Now at 13, he has 2 hour ballet technique classes 5 days a week (with an optional sixth day) and (spread over the week): two one-hour variations classes, two one-hour pas classes, an hour-and-a-half of men's, an hour of modern and/ or contemporary, and a dance history class. He's loving it.


It was interesting for me to see the changes that took place between the time when he turned 12 and when he turned 13. At just-12, three days a week (plus some rehearsals) was appropriately challenging for him. One day he visited a class one or two levels higher, and he came out wide-eyed with horror. ;o) ... But a year later, as he turned 13, he was handling up to 4 hours of more challenging class (two of ballet technique, one of variations or pas, one of another discipline) without ever feeling overwhelmed. My only problem now is that he's a total pain-in-the-neck for school work on days when he *hasn't* had hours of ballet class in the previous 24 hours. Ack!

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Thanks everyone:

This schedule seems to be working, Monday he has non-ballet classes (triple threat production and Glee choir) Tuesday he does improv acting, 1 hour off for dinner then 1.5 hours with his ballet company. Wednesday is tiring for him though he has 2 hours with his ballet company and then 1 hour RAD grade 5 ending at 9 pm. Thursday he has 1.5 hours grade 4, 1/2 hour dinner, 1 hour grade3 and then 1 hour of tap. Friday is just the pilates class. Other than the wednesday he likes his schedule the grade 5 girls are all older and pretty much ignore him (his grade 4 girls are older too but they seem to like him). He's been travelling to get a solo choreographed and is enjoying those classes

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