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Books: Ballet books for 13+

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I have to agree, no one is too old for Noel Streatfeild's books! I have 3 of them-Ballet Shoes, Dancing Shoes, and Theatre Shoes, but there are at least 10 more, Circus Shoes, Movie Shoes, etc., though out of print, they are still listed on Amazon, and some are available through Amazon sellers.


Another good biography is Suzanne Farrell's Holding on to the Air: An Autobiography.


The Ballet Family is listed as being by Mabel Esther Allen, at least in our library. :)

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Guest wiccabex

Here are the ones I know of


Satin Slippers: i have 1,2 3 and have the rest due from amazon. The uk amazon seems to have most fo them might be worth checking (e;ozabeth bernard)




Ballet Sotries: an anthology including excerpts from: Samantha on Stage

Scrambled legs

Lynn(autobiography of Lynn Seymour)

The sisters impossible

Come a Stranger

Margot Fonteyn autobiography

Listen to the nightingale

Ballet shoes


The scrabled leges books are available second hand on amazon, written by jahanna malcolm


im still working on my collection, any others i find, ill post here

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Of course, there's the very trashy "Mirrors" by James Lipton (yes, the same who interviews all the actors on the BRAVO channel). It was written in 1981 and made into a movie years ago. I have a copy with all kinds of kudos from dancers and others in the arts, such as Neil Simon, Clive Barnes, Joanne Woodward, Fernando Bujones, Cy Coleman, Ann Reinking, Pete Hamill, Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse.


I know, I know, if all these people think it's great stuff, who am I to quibble? But I'll hold my ground on this one. It's trash -- mildly entertaining trash, but trash all the same. If anyone else has read it, please chime in. I'd love to hear other views.

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Guest lil_dancer

I love to read espically ballet/dance books. I've alot of the ones have been already suggested and loved them. Some other ones I'll add are:


Ribbons, Angel Fish, The Amayh By: Lawerance Yep ( really good books )


Pink Slippers Bar Mitza Blues (I can't rember who wrote this but another really good book and Sorry but I think I spelt the title wrong)


A Time for Dancing, The Further you run By: Davida Hurwin ( REALLY, really good books, though not completly centered on dance.


Another way to Dance ( sorry Don't rember author but another really good book)


I'm drawing a blank form my memory right now, but I'll add more as I think of them


Oh...this book Isn't really about dance, but it's and awsome book that I read over and over again all the time, People who liked As the Waltz was Ending, will probally like thi book too: Torn Thread, it's an awsome book.

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I was wondering if anyone knew about any ballet fiction books for the 13-like, say 18 age. Thanks much! :D

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Hello Ashleydancer!

Actually, there are many, many threads within the Books/Movies/etc. forum listing good ballet fiction books. You will have to do some reading though!

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thanks, and call me ashley. Anyone willing to list some so i don't have to search. I'm looking for a b-day present for a friend

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Ballet Shoes (by Noel Streatfeild) is by far my favorite. It is a young reading level, but I still enjoy re-reading it today. Some


For a 13 to 18 age, though, I would consider some of the ballet dancer autobiographies. Particularly, I really enjoyed Suzanne Farrell's, which is entitled Holding Onto The Air.

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I recently finished Maria Tallcheif's autobiography. It's called Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina I thought it was really good. :shrug:

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There's also Dancing in Red Shoes will Kill You, which is fiction, or, more sophisticated, Short History of a Prince. Nonfiction that is enjoyable is Attitude!, about a group of Ailey students. Nutcracker Nation is fascinating, in a wierd way.

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Mao's Last Dancer is also an excellent book. I am currently reading it now.

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oh yay! Thanks all of you. I'm gonna go look these up on amazon

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Kate's Turn is good.(I forget the author, look it up on amazon) it's a bit depressing though, but just the end. The story in general is good.

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One foot on the stage, dancer in the wings and there's another one in the series. The girl is 11 in the beginning and 16 at the end. They are set in London.

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I'll be looking for those. i read kates's turn and it was pretty good. my friend's birthday ended November 3rd so I'm finsihed. thank you for all of your help. i'll post again if i need anything else :thumbsup:

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