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I am so sorry. I was in a huge hurry and I'm not sure why i decided to post so quickly. English is my first language, but I apologize. Laurence Yep is the author of "Ribbons," "The Cooks Family," "Angelfish," and, "The Amah." They are about ballet but not entirely. "On Pointe," by Lori Ann Grover is good and so is, "The Sisters Impossible," which is directed more towards those of the 9-12 age group.

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:):huepfen: Thank you, Ashleydancer!!!!! That is very helpful. :D
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Rumer Godden was a wonderful British writer who wrote ballet fiction for both children and adults. She's best known today for her novel "Black Narcissus," about an order of nuns in India - it was directed by Michael Powell (who also directed "The Red Shoes," of course). I remember her books well from my long-gone youth. Apparently most of the books are long-gone, too, which is a true shame, because she wrote brilliantly on many topics - ballet (she had been a dance teacher), India (where she lived for many years), and religion particularly. The titles I remember are "A Candle for Saint Jude," which was about a ballet company; "Pippa Passes," which might have been juvenile fiction and was about a young ballerina; and "Thursday's Children." "Pippa Passes" was fairly recent and might still be in print. Now to go look the author up online and buy some out-of-print books!

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As far as I know, most of Rumer Godden's books are still in print - anyway, I was able to find them quite easily, In WH Smiths and on line .

Thursday's children is children's lit, and Pippa passes adult fiction.

THere's also her autobiographie, very dance orientated, called A time to dance, no time to weep,

and another book, called something like Love to a nightingale (can't remember the exact title :shrug: ) about dance too :)

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Hello Everyone!


There is a really good ballet story called Ballerina by Edward Stewart. I found this one as a teenager and still own and reread it today. It's the story of two girls who meet at a company audition and grow to be friends. There are many ups and downs in their relationship with each other and a number of additional characters.


For those who aren't afraid of a very long book, there is one I found at the library called Dancing On Thorns by Rebecca Horsfall. It's about a young male dancer's rise to fame and all that happens to him along the way.


Enjoy! :D

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According to the reviews, one of the dance connected books by Rumer Godden called Thursday's Children has a boy who loves dance as the hero. Might be one that would be interesting for the boy dancers here??????

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I always really loved the 'Satin Slippers' series by ELizabeth Barnard when I was growing up - about a group of ballet stuents at SFBA, if I remember correctly. Not sure how accurate they were but lots of ballet descriptions and good stories. Ideal for teenage folks. :D

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I have read all of the 'Drina' series and most of the 'Wells' series and the first two 'Satin slippers' Can you get any of these on the internet? Where? I looked on the amazon site but I couldn't find them. I love to read them!


Any other series or books you could recommend?


I'm 14.






Satin Slippers... that's what it's called. Oh you legend poppiedancer. I've been trying to remember the name of that series for years. :yes: I'm off to click the amazon link and see if I can still buy it.

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I really enjoyed the book "Bunheads" by Sophie Flack it's a fiction young adult book about a young dancer's struggles and achievements in the corps of The Manhattan Ballet company

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thank you so much for the suggestions! My daughter also just finished a book called bunheads, she thouroughly enjoyed it, and I read a daniele steel (dont judge me, LOL) called grandma Dan which was a love story about a ballet dancer in war torn russia.

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