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Bolshoi Ballet Academy--Moscow, Russia

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The older kids use online schooling since most of them are in the foreign/international track program and have a 1-2 or 3-4 yr contract. I have alot of information on the different programs. The WIFI is spotty and is turned off at nights. Most older kids have a modem that allows them internet access to work on their studies.

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StVitus could you please share what you know about the Russian Track and how many non-russians are in it approximately and what their age range is? My 12yr old daughter has been asked and we were wondering if the non-russians were placed in dorm rooms with the russians or seperately. Do the different tracks (i.e. the interntional and the russian) socialize together? Are there many young USA students in the Russian track? Basically any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi YoungDancer,


I would not recommend the traineeship unless you are over there with your 12 year old. This school is technically a public school in Russia, and the programs are geared for ages 15 years and up who are at the age to be able to handle living away from home, being independent, and handling the day to day situations that come up. There are the few that can do this at a earlier age.... but not many. The housemothers do their very best for all the children there. There is not enough classes for the younger foreign student/trainee over there. To much downtime each day! If you decide to live over there then she would not need to live in dorms and perhaps you could homeschool. That would be ideal.

Wish I could be more helpful. All the best.

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Hi there so just to be clear could someone enlighten me:


A 13 yr foreign old student would have how much classical training a day?

Be able to attend as a day student?

Be assessed as to which level ie not age based

Have plenty of English speaking classmates

Be taught ballet classes in English??


Sounds like there are many foreign students.................Do they feel the cold indoors at the school??

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Thank you StVitus. Your reply was very helpful and much along the lines we were thinking. Do you have any information on where one would go to find out about renting an apartment and how expensive they are in Moscow compared to New York City which is the other place she has been asked to train? Would the school assist in helping with relocating if need be? We have always homeschooled her so she is very used to that. Also do you know, if you decline an offer from the Bolshoi when it is directly into the Russian track, if they would hold it against you in any way when you were older? I would think that as long as you still had the qualities and abilities they are looking for it would not matter but my daughter is concerned about that.

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2 big questions in regards to DD in high school, she still has no info other than a letter of invitation. Hopefully info soon.


If we do not let her go this year, does she have a decent chance of being asked next year, or have there been any deferrals offered in the past?


Do the girls in the international track generally believe that it was worth the time and effort? I feel that if asked for Russian track at her age it is a no brainer and she would drop everything. But questioning the value of international track as this coming year is already full of opportunity at home, important school year and we have not home schooled before. I currently feel International track would still be very valuable but more as a study abroad program as she is still in the middle of high school. Would also let her do it as a gap year before college. Really having a hard time buying into online schooling for my student.


Would appreciate any advice, but especially regarding HS students.

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Hello YoungDancer,


You could try to email the International and see if they could offer some suggestions. I do not think they would hold that against your child if he/she turned down the offer one year. Your child is talented and she will just continue to improve, get stronger, etc...her abilities and talent will not dry up. When the opportunity comes around again, they will be watching your daughter. I can understand her concern at her age, kids worry about those things... but do not worry, just continue to work hard. :sweating:

Best wishes!

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Momster, My dd will be 19 when she graduates, She was placed in the Russian Course 2nd Year so she only had to complete last year and this coming year. She will graduate in June. There are 2 classes at her level. The International course (made up of Intl students) and the Russian course (mainly Russians, I believe there are 2 other non Russians in the class), which my dd is in. There were several Intl graduates this past year and not all received contracts. The kids have to travel to audition for companies.


Based on what I learned this year and viewed, most Intl kids must complete a Pre Course year at the Academy in a level before they enter the 3 yr Intl or Russian Course. After they complete that year (exams) they are then offered 3 yr contracts and placed in either the Intl (majority are placed in Intl) or Russian Course year 1. Some students are not offered contracts.


Yes kids have rejected the first offer to attend and have been asked back again.

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My 15 year old DD also received an invitation yesterday. We are wondering if the odds are good to try and defer a year?? Would she need to attend the summer intensive again and hope for an invite? She does not currently have a passport, we already paid her high school tuition for this year - school starts in less than two weeks - and we purchased books for her sophomore year. She attends a private high school. These are all things that could be rearranged, but of course it would be a bit of an ordeal to make the arrangements on such short notice. While she really wants to go to Bolshoi, DD also has mixed feelings about leaving the quality Russian training she is receiving at her home studio, and expressed the desire to stay there for a final year. We feel she would be more prepared, on many levels, if she attended Bolshoi next year. Also concerned about how to continue high school classes while at Bolshoi. I saw mention about gap years, etc. on prior posts, but this doesn't seem like an option for us. Any insight would be helpful!

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My DDs best friend (she just turned 19) just returned after a year in Moscow at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. I don't have first hand experiences to share, but I will ask her for her opinions and experiences and get back to you!

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Thank you, JMM! It sounds like we need to do the research pretty much on our own, so any first-hand experiences are welcome.

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My dd was in Moscow for a time and took classes with the Russian program at the Bolshoi. She really liked the training but it isn't the same as the International program. The international program starts each dancer off in the Introductory level. Once you complete a year at this level, if you are asked to stay on, you move to the first level at the academy (international program). See Nikki94's post above. It is accurate. Bolshoi will also make exceptions and allow a student to start in January or so.


Many kids were doing their school via an online program using a wireless stick.


Hope this little bit of info helps. PM if you would like more specific questions answered.

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Thank you, baltroj! That is very helpful. We feel like we might actually have some options versus making a rushed decision.

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