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We feel rushed to make a decision without enough information, but this is a very big decision. Academics will be an issue for us, too as DD goes to regular high school. Thank you all for the information!

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There is a dancer, Tala Lee-Turton, who is/was a student at the academy and keeps a wordpress blog that may offer you some additional information. When i was searching for information a few years back, I found some additional information and a parent of a student on the UK incarnation of this board, BalletCoForum. A small number of dd's friends did attend for a single year. Dd did not so I have no first hand info. At the time, there was also an American mom living in Moscow with 2 sons in the academy, one of whom graduated this year.

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Just looked at Tala's blog - very helpful! Thanks for suggesting it. We are also happy to know that the start date isn't necessarily set in stone. Part of the panic is the lack of time:(. There are so many questions about logistics, too - we aren't even sure what questions to ask at this point! Our next step will be to talk to the director at DD's studio to get some advice.

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Isaac Sanders went to Bolshoi in 2014, he had a blog at the time. It was very interesting to follow his adventures, he was 14 at the time.

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It seems so young to go away!! I am thinking it would be harder on the parent than the child - at least in my case, that would be true! Thank you all for the info. We meet with the studio director today to hopefully reach a good decision.

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JMM, while we appreciate your effort and your friend's willingness to share her experiences, in keeping with BT4D Rule and Policies, we only permit posting of first-hand experiences by members and family.


It would be wonderful if your friend would join BT4D and share her experiences directly. :D

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I don't know of exact numbers but I do know that only one American made it out of the introductory level this past year. A few have graduated.

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I'm wondering what the schedule looks like for the introductory trainee year? I have heard conflicting reports on the level of difficulty. Also wondering if that group has performing opportunities?

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I think they have multiple shows within the year, however you must audition and be chosen to perform in at least the spring show that I know of.

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Bonitathree - Have you asked Moscow directly for a detailed daily class schedule for the traineeship program this fall, to confirm the fall semester's instructors, to confirm specific performance opportunities (and how students from the traineeship program have fared in securing performance spots in recent fall semesters), and to confirm the number of girls in the traineeship program this fall? It might be helpful decision-making information - and interesting to hear what Moscow has to say since the fall semester begins so soon. Will you let us know what you hear, if you decide to ask? Thank you!

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