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Bolshoi Ballet Academy--Moscow, Russia

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ParentalPerson, these dedicated threads are never too old. :D   This is exactly why they are here.

Hopefully, someone has some first-hand information to share. 

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My son is finishing up a year in Moscow right now - will back in a week. We probably can answer questions regarding the program. Couple more dancers attended the internship program - one for a year but being part of the Russian class, as my son was, and second just finished second year as an intern (not taking classes with the main Russian program). 

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Thank you Dancemaven and DesignAJour!

Our family may be moving to Moscow (!) within a year or two, and my daughter is 10. She is studying ballet and Russian language quite seriously, with ambitions as big as they come.

I believe younger students at Bolshoi can live with their families, rather than in the dormitory, but I'm wondering if they must take academic classes with their age-peers, or if they can online/homeschool independently. My daughter is currently working through an accredited, online school, and if at all possible, we would prefer to allow her to continue in this way. I did enquire about this with the Bolshoi's International department, but I suspect my question wasn't well understood, and I'm curious to see if anyone here knows that for sure, before I really press them for an on-the-record answer.

The very thought of her even applying to Bolshoi in Russia boggles my mind. She did receive a scholarship to BBASI this year, so I have also reached out to my contact there for answers and/or advice. I'm not sure how connected the programs are, but at this point any information at all is better than none!

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Program in the US is run by the Russian-American foundation. The teachers are from Bolshoi Academy, but that's about all. All the management here is local. They also run the culture exchange program. The teachers recommend students for the internship program in Moscow, and that is how my son got there.

The academic program there is mixed with dance classes. My son dance in the Russian class (not intern class), but did not attend the academic program and continued his online school.  By default, non-Russian citizens only do dance plus Russian language program. When I visited there I saw Russian kids who are not living there and were coming only for the day. I am not sure though how much time would be waisted because of the classes that she won't be attending.

Applying as a foreigner is not the same as applying for the Russian program (with three rounds of exams, etc).  I can ask my son when he gets back in a week, but my understanding is that there is a bunch of younger non-Russian kids who start as interns with dance only plus Russian language, then joining Russian academic program as well.  The tuition for the internship program includes the dorm, food and supervision - I am sure your situation just got them puzzled. And with an extreme level of bureaucracy, the essence might have gotten lost in translation.




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Thank you, Maria!

Yes -- that is precisely what I was thinking -- that part of my enquiry was pretty particular to our situation! Just as a general observation for anyone reading this down the line, administrative person was so incredibly prompt and helpful, otherwise!

Thank you for knowing exactly what I was wondering -- my daughter is really applying herself to Russian language study, (we all are right now, it's quite fun!) but would certainly require a ramping-up process before joining a regular class stream. There is a schedule on the main website, but it's in Russian, so I will have to get her to translate it so we can see how everything is organized. I am less worried about time wasted during the day -- she already does a lot of work in between her current classes at her ballet school here. 

Well, it sounds like there are no immediate structural barriers to an application. (!) How surreal life can be.


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If you need any information I might help you with - don't hesitate to ask.

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Thank you! We are in a holding pattern until the audition video can be produced, but I will absolutely be back with more questions if any arise! I really appreciate it!

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Do all of the dancers at the Bolshoi Academy have to live on campus? Can they get their own apartment?

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Hi - maybe I need to look harder but.... I could not see info on Bolshoi Ballet Academy in the SI topic section.  The Russian Ballet International program allows you to audition for this but I can not see this listed. Thoughts?

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Hello,I have a couple of questions , do you know Russian? Do you have to know Russian to go there? And if you do not need to know Russian and you do not know, how do you understand and comunicate? By the way, if you already answered that I am sorry it is  because I do not speak English very well so this text might have a lot of gramar errors ( I am polish but I live in America so I am trying very hard  to learn fluent English ).

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If you're an international student you do not need to know Russian. As an international student, you do one year as an "intern" where you take Russian language classes along with your dance classes. If you're invited to the 3-year diploma program afterwards or the Russian program, all of your additional academic classes (dance history, anatomy, pedagogy, etc.) will all be in Russian. You'll be taught Russian proficiently enough in your first year so that you can take other classes fully in Russian for your second year. I'm not sure what language teachers speak in dance classes, but since you would be in class with other international students (at least for your first year), I'm sure the teachers will work in a way so that all students can understand.

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Does anyone have DK's starting at the Academy this year? I'll be starting my first year at the end of this month and would love to connect with other students going ☺️

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