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Dancing in a tutu - pointers


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My DD (14) is at a new studio this year where the dancers use rehearsal tutus for some pointe and variations classes, as well as for Nutcracker casting auditions for the more advanced groups. She has never worn a [non romantic] tutu at all and her first time ever wearing one will be at this casting audition. We are worried that it will feel strange to her and don't want her audition to be stymied by the presence of the new tutu. I would think that her dancing will need to accomodate the tutu, such as the movement of her arms. I'd appreciate any tips on things she should be aware of when dancing in a tutu. I've suggested that she put it on at home and more around a bit to get the feel for it so that it isn't totally foreign when she goes to the audition.


Thanks in advance.

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Victoria Leigh

There is nothing at all to worry about in a tutu (except when partnering). Putting it on for a few minutes and moving around will not hurt, and could make her feel more comfortable, as she will discover that it is no problem. :)

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh! You mean I don't have to worry? I won't know what to do with myself! :clapping:

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