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Adult Ballet Classes - Rio de Janeiro


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Hi everyone!


This is a total long-shot (I know) BUT, I just received word that I have to go to Rio de Janeiro for work for two weeks. I may be on a plane as soon as Monday, and I've been looking for adult classes out there. I don't speak a lick of Portuguese, but speak Spanish and English, and of course all ballet terms are in French so thats a bonus.


I've found one or two places, but wanted to check and see if anyone here has any ideas or suggestions.




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Hey jsan, I'm from Belo Horizonte, but have some knowlegde of awesome studios that you could go in RJ(Rio de Janeiro). I'm not sure if they speak English so i suggest you to call or email them before going :)


I Highly recommend:

http://www.petitedanse.com.br/ - I don't know if you have heard of Mayara Magri, but she raised here and I was in the biggest competition of dance around here, and the Petite Danse just take all the prizes. They are now the best of the best in Brazil as an dance studio.


http://www.dalalachcar.com.br/ is a very traditional studio in RJ

http://www.grupoculturaldedanca.com/ - a very good dance studio


Hope you have a nice trip and welcome to our tropical and beautiful country!

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Thank you Gratarolli!


My trip was postponed, but I will be giong there at some point in the near future, so I will definitley look at these schools. I am currently using my Spanish to understand some Portuguese on my conference calls, so hopefully it will start to sink in more permanently as time goes by!

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No problem, if you need anythig else, please let me know :)

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