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Magazines: Non-dance but with ballet features

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Thanks for the tip. I did find this to be of some interest. The piece focuses on Le Clercq as friend and inspiration to Jerome Robbins; Balanchine is mentioned, of course, but peripherally. The photographs are very striking, as one would expect, and there's a touching little picture of Robbins (mistakenly identified as Balanchine in the caption, but correctly in the text) with Le Clercq on the roof of Lenox Hill Hospital during her recovery. The article is by Amanda Vaill, who is working on a biography of Robbins.

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Guest Siren

Vogue does a nice piece on her as an ingenue. There's a picture of her as Gamzatti with Ethan Stiefel-- her leg looks great and she has a very "Gamzatti", imperious look. Also, there's Michelle Wiles directly behind in her in the photo. It's just half a page, but very nice to see Vogue pay attention to an up-and-comer.

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The April Vogue (German) highlights New York. The feature entitled "On the Top" about 10 Women from New York contains a full page picture of Janie Taylor with a short write-up, in German of course.

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Guest Ed Waffle

It is on page 182 of the May issue--Carmen Kass in a red one piece bathing suit with cutouts--for those who want to read it at the newsstand without buying the magazine.


Which I recommend--this is a poor issue. There a models who simply don't look good in revealing bathing suits and the May Vogue is full of them (Carmen Kass excepted).


There isn't much content to the article, more of a signifier of what is appropriate culturally for Vogue's target audience in NYC.


Send the money you would have spent on the magazine (plus a bit more) to Alexandra to help support this web site.

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Guest Paquita

NBoC principal dancer Chan Hon Goh appears in this month's issue of Chatelaine ( Canadian magazine). It's 1 page, with a nice picture of her holding a little ballerina doll, and they have some quotes from her.

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Guest Kevin Ng

I just happen to have spoken to Chan Hon Goh on telephone last week. Goh told me that she'll perform with Suzanne Farrell's company in Washington DC in late Sept. Next season in Toronto, she'll also dance "Mozartiana" which is to be revived by Farrell for the NBC. And this summer she has guesting engagements in Australia and Tokyo.


[ 05-14-2001: Message edited by: Kevin Ng ]

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Time Out NY, May 10 - 17 has an interview of Janie Taylor, with pictures (la Valse, Scotch Symphony). Questions include how she was promoted, what she'd like to dance next, her favorite parts, etc.

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Issue 5 of "Issue," some sort of up-to-the minute,-or-so-it-thinks journal, has a lovely photo essay on 2 School of American Ballet students from Queens, Pralaya, 14, and Lalasa, 11. They sell jewelery in Soho on Saturdays, so I expect some Ballet Alert readers know them.

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Guest Jeannie

OK, I'll be the brave one to post this ballet-in-magazine sighting.


This week's edition of the U.S. publication, NATIONAL EXAMINER -- the sort of tabloid you see at the check-out counters of grocery stores -- includes a color-photo feature on the all-male ballet troupe, Les Ballets Grandiva. It's on two huge pages. The 'ballerinas' look quite lovely...including a 'Dying Swan' 'Pas de Quatre' and 3-4 other ballets. ;)

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Great slug, Jeannie. My heart stopped for a second -- then I realized there wasn't a ballet star big enough for the National Enquirer to trash!!!

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