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holding up boy's tights!


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Ok I did a search to see if this problem has been thoroughly addressed already but came up with nothing. The problem is - how do you keep the crotch on boy's tights fitting snugly and not looking like he is wearing a diaper/nappy after a few plies?? Girls of course have their leotard to hold things up but boys dont. I am aware of the idea of the elastic belt and rolling the top of the tights over but my DS doesnt like the look or feel of the roll around his waist. He also says that this doesnt really work very well. In class DS wears full length footed tights with shoulder straps under a dance singlet which solves this problem very well. He has his RAD exam in Dec and has to wear the leo and tights. this must be a problem that faces men all the time? Please tell me there is another and better answer? I live in hope! :giveup:

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Elastic is kind of a requirement many places. Perhaps he could experiment with different kinds of elastic? Many men will use the thin elastic, like you'd find on ballet shoes, and just roll the tights once or twice so there is less of a roll.

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The only two solutions I know of you've already mentioned-- over-the-shoulder suspenders and elastic around the waist.


Actually, there's sometimes a third solution-- buy a brand new pair of tights. At least for my son, new tights tend to stay in place for the first few weeks. I usually get my ds a new pair for the RAD exams.

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I disliked elastic as well. I used a 2" wide military style canvas web belt with a thin square buckle. It does not stretch so it keeps them up. Pull the tights all the way up; set the belt length tightly to just above the hips; now slide the belt up to just below the ribs; fold tights over the belt; now roll the belt down to the original "just above the hips position". If the belt tightness is correct the belt will not go below the hip bones. The thin buckle is not really a concern even for pas de deux work since it is well covered. If it is, place the buckle in the back prior to rolling for pas work. It does give the look of a belt but that's better that a sag in the crotch area. All my male students use them.

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This may not be an option in RAD as they have very specific uniforms, but I always wear unitards rather than tights. I find it to be the simplest solution. No sewing on elastic braces/suspenders, no belts, no pulling up tights after each exercise. Just put it on and go.

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My son uses the elastic girls' headbands (about 1/2" with non-slip) as an elastic belt and rolls the top down over them. Didn't like it at first, but is now used to it since it is required for him.

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