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Books: Must read Ballet books for a 13 year old?

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There's a great e book on Amazon, I think it's called 'An aspiring ballerina's guide to feet and pointe shoes', by Gemma Pearce. Lots of cool tips in there for girls of that age on caring for feet and preparing their shoes. There's also a book in the same series about auditions, but I haven't read that one yet.

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Apollo's Angels by Jennifer Homans

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One of my favorite dance history books is "Time and the Dancing Image" by Deborah Jowitt. It is fairly academic but well written, enjoyable. It follows the journey chiefly of ballet but talks a great deal about how other dance forms, and through the ages, have affected ballet, and vice versa. It explains the evolution...


It puts things in perspective... I think teens could handle this book fine - that is, dancing teens. (Non-dancing teens might not understand the use of ballet terminology, or some of the most fundamental aspects.) For me, it brings the rich history to life.

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To think briefly of the very young reader (elementary school age) I love "Ballet for Martha: The Making of Appalachian Spring". This gorgeous picture book both introduces Martha Graham to young audiences and gives a sense collaboration and the choreography process.

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