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Dancers: Those who are told they "have it and those that don&#3


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Perhaps it is good preparation for the career? Dancers who dance because they must, no matter what, will have an easier road than those who look for praise.


Now, feedback, in my opinion, is important for dancers so they can achieve what they are looking to achieve, and to make sure the audience can interpret the message. However there is a line between praise/lauding, and informational feedback.


If your dd feels that the training is the best possible around, then she may have to focus on that, and not on the other. If she is being ignored, that may be a different conversation.

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I have wondered if he gives the mediocre students more attention to encourage them to keep dancing there while he knows the serious students don't need it. Perhaps he is only concerned with his youth company, and does not devote more time or energy into his students' future careers (since there is such a small chance they'll achieve a career anyway). Or perhaps he thinks that only an obvious phenomenon deserves more attention. DD is not a phenom (there are none at the studio--the last one moved away to go to a professional school full time) but most pro dancers weren't. They mostly got where they're at from working extremely hard, moulding their bodies, and having tenacity. I think it would be hard to achieve this without a mentor. DD feels like her AD doesn't see her...


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Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.

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I missed your post. Mine above was in response to balletvalet's post. I will sometimes play the 'devil's advocate' in order to help posters sort through in their own minds what the real issue is. In your case, the environment does not sound like a professional environment, therefore it may be time to look for a better place.


I do think dancers will have to grasp at some point that they'd better be dancing for themselves and NOT for praise, though. Since this is the Parents of Dancers 13 and over, it is going to have to be a lesson they learn soon. If you buy into the hype surrounding yourself in this business, then you have to also buy into the negative, so what happens to you when you have a negative review in the paper, or online??? Will you fall apart??? Yes, if you are only dancing to be celebrated. Do you all see my point?


Now, I would NOT ever advocate that a child should stay somewhere they are being ignored or mistreated in any way. I would say that if a child is not included in the "favorites" group, but is still receiving excellent training and is being given corrections and feedback, then that alone would not necessarily be a reason to leave. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen kids who are not in the "popular/favorite/'best roles'" groups work their tails off in the back row and end up being the one with the contract. The 'Favorites' ended up not being able to cut it because as it turns out, they were not being lauded enough.

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Clara 76, I totally agree and appreciate the reminder! This is another part of my DD's journey.


I think I have become addicted to the search for the perfect program that perfectly fits my daughter's needs. Ok, overboard a bit but as a consumer, I think I have the right to hold these people to a higher standard than the status quo. I don't think many schools really think about the service they provide. Some are very open to listening to what their 'customers' are asking for. Others believe it is their way or the highway and don't seem to want to look at why their customers go somewhere else. As a parent who is paying the bills, I want to make sure my money is well spent. I have also seen company related ballet schools rest on their laurels and believe that students will come and be loyal regardless of the quality and atmosphere of the program provided. They disparage the dancers who follow favorite teachers or go to other studios rather than looking at the flaws in their own programs. Off topic, sorry.

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Those are certainly good points, balletvalet, and as a parent, I do understand. :)


I guess the bottom line here is, I'm trying to help you sort through exactly what the problem is.......it might be a good time to find out if this school believes that she has potential for a career in ballet. I would then balance that against anything else she may have been told by an independent source. For example, an SI evaluation that came in stating that her body is one that can physically, safely adapt to the demands of a professional career, and she is developing her performing persona well, combined with an innate musicality that makes her an ideal candidate for a career.


If she has received feedback such as that, and if her current school agrees, then we could revisit the idea that she just needs to keep her nose to the grindstone, and continue implementing her corrections. If however, she has never really received constructive feedback that might indicate a career as a possibility, and her current school seems reluctant to state that she has potential, then that's another thing.


And finally, if she has received feedback indicating her potential from an independent source, but the current school seems reluctant to agree, then it may be time to "find a place where she can be celebrated". Does this make sense?

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Perfect sense. I appreciate having you really break the different thoughts into 3 categories. It gives me food for thought as my DD finishes auditions and goes into spring performance season!


Thanks tons!

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