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Adult ballet classes in LOS ANGELES


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I will be in LA on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week. I will be staying at Hollywood and Highland and wanted to know if anyone could recommend an adult beginner or intermediate class I could drop in on somewhere in that area?

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There are adult classes at Dance Arts Academy 731 S La Brea (corner of La Brea and Wilshire)(323) 932-6230


Here is a link to classes taught by Marat Daukayev



Reid Olson also teaches Adult classes on Saturdays at the same location - he is a favorite adult teacher in LA and live piano!




All of these classes have a very wide range of abilities attending, so don't worry about levels!

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Thanks so much!

The scheduling of the Marat Daukayev classes works best but it DOES say that most of them are int/ advanced....how advanced are they?

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Pavlova has already made some good suggestions, but you could also try taking class from Stefan Wenta. He teaches a very unique class that is actually educational, not just exercise. There is a Thu evening class, Fri morning, and Sat afternoon. Again here, all ages and levels attend; the difficulty of the class usually depends on who shows up for class that day.

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We love Marat, Reid and Stefan (so much) but if you're worried...you could try some classes at the Edge. It's known as more of a contemporary or professional commercial dancer studio but their ballet teachers are all very strong. And as in most every adult class in LA, you will find vastly different levels and definitely all different abilities :yes: But I do think it's more fun if you can actually do the class, no matter how everyone else in the room is doing.


My DD thinks Reid's is probably the most technically difficult. But he repeats his combinations a lot which helps. Marat's is a bit more simple but you work really hard. Stefan's...tinyzinnia hit it right on...it does depend on who's in the class. Hasmik also teaches at Marat's on Thursdays (6:30-8) DD loves her class but can be hard. I'll put the links down at the bottom for you. The studios I mention are all super easy to get to from where you're staying :clapping:


Thursday @ the Edge:

Laura Fremont - beginning class: 1-2:00

Josie Walsh - int. class: 10-11:30 (fun class often does traditional barre but a more contemporary ballet center.)

Edouard - int. class from 5:30-7 or beginning class from 7-8 (though they usually go over a bit. Bolshoi trained, very good traditional class.)


Friday @ the Edge:

Rei Aoo - int. class from 10-11:30 or beginning from 11:30-12:30. (Her classes can be really good because she makes really "precise" and individual corrections.)


Saturday @ the Edge:

Nicole Harlan - beginning class is 10:30-11:30 followed by an intermediate class from 11:30-1 (great class, really great at explaining why you do things...I'd recommend you do the beginning class then you can always add on the next one if you feel up to it.)

Kana's beginning class from 4-5:30. (love Kana...again great class, strong warm up.) She also teaches a beg/int. class at Millennium on Thursday 10-11:30 and Saturday 9:30-11 and Hama's on Friday 10-11:30.


Hollywood - http://www.edgepac.com/

North Hollywood - http://millenniumdancecomplex.com/main/

Studio City - http://www.hamadance.com/

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Wow! Thanks for the great info!!! I really appreciate it!!! How is parking around Marat's class?

I have been taking intermediate classes and pointe for over a year but you never know ....one person's intermediate is another's advanced ;)

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There is metered parking on La Brea between 9 - 4 Mon - Sat. Free on Sunday. The B of A parking lot next door charges $5. There is also parking on the side streets in the neighborhood, just watch the signs for how long you can park. There is also a big parking lot on Wilshire and Detroit across from the Starbucks with very cheap rates, and a very short walk across Wilshire to the studio.

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