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My son is at the age in are family that the males have to start taking balleet.However he is a little overweight and worried of getting made fun of. What should i do?the family is pushing him to do it all the cousins and all the other males in the family have.

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Welcome rhino32 to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please take a look around our site to see all of the wonderful things available to our membership. You might also go to the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself.


First may I ask if you are writing in English as your second language? We ask that our members please use correct grammar and spelling however if English is not your first language, we can help you a bit with your spelling and grammar.


As for your son, if he would like to begin the study of dance, then by all means, the sooner the better.

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Hi rhino32. Does your son want to study ballet? May I ask how old he is?

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I think your family tradition is wonderful! Wish more families had a tradition of male dancers! I think you should go ahead and start him in it, the exercise would definitely help with the weight problem. I've noticed there's always been an overweight girl or two in my son's classes, so he probably will not be the only one. Would he be in a class with any of his cousins? That would help, also, being with kids who already know him.


And, if English is indeed your second language, I say you're doing wonderful with it. I know how hard grammar can be when learning a language, I'm studying German myself and doubt I could construct a readable sentence on a messageboard! :)

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Take him to ballet, then. I would be very surprised if people made fun of him there and the exercise will help him.

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Oops, a non-male dancer parent wandered into the Parents of Boys Forum by mistake and a post was removed.


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