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How long do your DD's shoes last?

Guest narthaki

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Oh, marigold!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry.... really I am! But that story is worthy of stand-up comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ah Marigold! So been there with the classic pros...traipsing all over town. It's only funny cuz it's you and not me :whistling: I swear there was a period where the DD tried on every pair in every store in our area for two whole months with no luck...and why the DD's feet don't like the $50 pointe shoes is beyond me too. No amount of negotiating with her feet has ever managed to change that one :mondieu:

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My daughter wears Russian Pointes and they last her about 30 hours of class/rehearsal time on average, which, at this time, is about 3 weeks. Sometimes she gets 40 hours out of a pair! (Of course, some pairs only last 20 - 25 hours). She has worn other brands in the past that have lasted anywhere from 2 classes to 15 hours per pair, so we are very happy with her Russian Pointes. And now since she has switched models and we can actually get them when she needs them, we are both very, very happy with Russian Pointes!

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narthaki, do you think it's the brand of shoe that helps it last so long (what is it if you don't mind answering)?

Or is it just her feet? I don't know, do really strong feet help a shoe last longer???

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Oh the contrarinessof the pointe shoe! Dd apparently has a 'strong and flexible foot'. This apparently means 'kills pointe shoes without really trying'. Hence the 'two day' epidsode, that we are still trying to put behind us! At the same time, she has been working with a teacher who is a pointe specialist (Vicki Attard - has a very good DVD) and as she has learned to really use her foot rather than her shoe, it seems to have made a difference.


And seriously, I don't know why shoes are so much more expensive in Australia, but we are purchasing shoes that are at least $85 a pair - with a 20% per cent discount for being a full-time student! And it's not like we're paying for some amazing import - the Bloch factory is across the road from her studio!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest narthaki

Well her feet are not that arched. She used to wear Bloch Axiom and they would last her forever also! Now she wears Grishko 2007 in a medium shank. Her feet are strong, although I've noticed some wobbling when balancing for long periods of time at the barre. She called today and told me she had spent 5 hours in her shoes :o crazy huh?

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I wish I knew the answer to this question! All I know is that I get an enormous bill for pointe sheos at the end of every term! I believe that on ocassion my daughter has worn a pair for one class and then required a new pair, but I'm hoping this doesn't become a regular thing! I know that if she doesn't break them in properly they are more likely to snap on the first wear. My daughter has very high arches and stronger pointe shoes last longer (e.g. bloch aspirations), but her school has a Freed only policy. This makes it difficult!

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May I ask why a school would have a policy for one brand only? Doesn't this limit the dancers in their perfect point shoe search? Or perhaps a brand like Freed has enough variety to fit everyone's different feet. Is there an artistic reason? I'd love to learn the reasoning behind this.

Thank you.

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I really don't know what the reasoning is! They are not the ideal make of shoe for my daughter's feet. She could do with something more supportive, but the teachers say her feet look nice in Freeds. I think historically (and perhaps even currently) there is some kind of business arrangement between the school and Freeds. Maybe Freeds offer some kind of discount or financial support to the school in return for the exclusive business and for having their name associated with the Royal Ballet School. I think it is different at the upper school, where the students can where anything.

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My daughter's school has a preferred brand of point shoes(the director's own brand) but she doesn't wear them. She switches between Blochs and freeds,


Oh, and here freeds are $140 a pair, which is why I order hers from the US at a $50 savings.

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